Five tips for surviving Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and this year is to be no exception. With just a few days left until some of our favourite retailers slash their prices, there will be savvy shoppers up and down the country limbering up for their annual Black Friday ritual.

They’ll rise before dawn, clad themselves in their warmest clothes (and perhaps some knee and elbow pads for extra protection), and make their way to their nearest shopping centre to get as close to the entrance as possible while they wait for the chaos to ensue.

And the rest of us? We’ll be laughing at them while we pull the duvet up a little nearer to our chins. For little do they know that the best Black Friday discounts and offers can be found from the comfort of your very own home. Yes, you can now bag yourself the very best bargains when you shop online simply by using a Black Friday discount code. And let us tell you, there’ll be an abundance of those around for all of your favourite retailers this week.

Shopping online this Black Friday

All you have to do is grab your laptop, tablet or mobile, or plonk yourself down in front of the computer, find some Black Friday discount codes and deals, and let the savings come rolling in. Here at Savoo, we’ve got you covered. Either check our category page where we’ll feature some top offers and brands or look for your favourite brands in our search bar. Forget standing in the cold, scrabbling around the shelves, or squabbling over the last discounted television – have a read through our quick tips below to make sure you get the best of the best this Black Friday.

Five tips for surviving Black Friday

Gone are the days where Black Friday was just one day. Deals will be released by a lot of retailers much, much earlier this year, and will begin throughout the week leading up to Black Friday. And for those choosing to join in with the frenzy of Black Friday from behind the protection of their computer screens, you actually have an advantage over traditional shoppers. When the shops shut up for the day the discounts and bargains on their website are still in full swing. The best discounts will get snapped up early and stocks are limited so you’ll have to be quick to get the best.

    1. Look out for dedicated Black Friday voucher code sites. These cut right to the chase and bring you only the very best Black Friday discount codes and deals. It might be worth bookmarking these or saving them to your favourites, so when the discounts are live you can save precious time and get straight to the good stuff.


    1. Do your research. Just because something is marked as 20% off with one retailer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best price out there. While time is of the essence, make sure you take some time to double-check prices elsewhere. One thing worth remembering is that some retailers (such as John Lewis, for example) will price match Black Friday prices, meaning you can do all your shopping in one place. Convenience at its finest.


    1. Don’t forget about social media. It’s definitely worth following your favourite retailers and voucher code websites on their social media platforms to keep in the loop with the best deals and offers. Here at Savoo we’ll be posting the very best deals from the biggest and best retailers all week long in the run up to Black Friday, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


    1. Give back to charity. While getting your hands on the latest fashion and technology for a fraction of the price can seem rewarding, have you ever thought about giving back to charity when you’re doing your Black Friday bargain hunting? When you shop through Savoo you can do just that at no extra cost. This Black Friday we’re giving away even more to hundreds of UK charities on your behalf. For every purchase you make using one of our discount codes or deals, we’ll be donating 100% of our commission directly to your chosen charity. All you have to do is sign up, choose a charity, and get shopping!



So there we have it. We hope you feel more prepared to get hunting for the very best bargains and deals. To get started, why not head over to our Black Friday category page?

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