Forget January, September is the best month to get a healthier diet with Gousto! – Plus donate to The Trussell Trust

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While January resolutions and ambitions to get healthy are well-meaning at the start of the year, there are reasons why they tend to fall flat. A new year may bring renewed hope, but with so much else going on why wait until January to make a change that will benefit mind, body and soul?

The heart of winter is not the ideal time to give your diet an overhaul, especially as soaring energy costs are likely to mean that it’s going to be a cold one for many. But autumn is the perfect time to introduce healthy dining to everyday life, and Gousto is the ideal place to start because you can get an Exclusive 65% off your First Box + 25% off All Boxes for 2 Months.

Gousto has over 40 tasty and nutritious recipe boxes that will allow you to make delicious meals at home. By switching your healthy ambitions to September, you can take advantage of the weather still being pretty warm and light when you finish work. Forget about the stodgy food of winter, Gousto has plenty of healthy collections to choose from on their menu. Put the excesses of summer behind you with a whole host of lighter, lip-licking flavours that will prove to be the ideal detox. And don’t worry, there is not a soggy salad in sight!

You don’t need to worry about the temptations of the supermarket either because Gousto is a convenient way to change the way you eat for the better, with ingredients delivered directly to your door. There is also the ‘smug factor’ to consider, as you’ll be well along the road to a healthier future when others are just starting with things like Veganuary, fad diets and gym sign-ups. Gousto chefs now make sure that at least 50% of the new recipes they develop are for their Healthy Choices collection, meaning that you will have plenty of options.

These delicious Gousto ranges are packed full of nutritional goodness, and they can be ordered today to give your autumn health kick the start it deserves.


Gousto health options - fish and chips on a plate

Healthy Choices range

This carefully assembled collection contains tasty dishes that are under 700 calories. More waistline boosting benefits are they have less than 12g of saturated fat, less than 3g of salt and equate to 2 of your 5 a day. From cajun-style pork with rice and spiced gravy to creamy butternut squash & miso gnocchi, your tastebuds will also get a workout with all the incredible flavour combinations. A personal favourite here at Savoo HQ is the feel-good fish ‘n’ chips with peas.


Gousto caloried controlled - prawn noodles in a bowl with a fork

Calorie Controlled range

If you have let things go a little during the summer, and especially during holidays Gousto can set the table for deliciously low-calorie dinners, all at less than 550 kcal per portion. Featuring a wide variety of dishes with the likes of pork, chicken and prawns alongside rice and plenty of vegetables, limiting your calorie intake is made easy by Gousto. The pan-fried salmon with creamy pesto veg is a must, while the simply delicious king prawn stir-fry is a quick and easy marvel!

Gousto vegetarian option - noodles in a bowl

Vegetarian range

If you want to make a big change to your health and that of the planet, a switch to vegetable-based meals would make all the difference. Even boosting the amount of meat-free meals you have during the week is a positive change. Once again Gousto makes it easy with their vegetarian selection of meals which are super easy to prepare. From mac ‘n’ cheese to creamy mushroom stroganoff, a veg treat for one or a tasty surprise for the whole family is definitely on the cards this autumn.

Gousto is supporting The Trussell Trust between 1st – 11th September. The charity supports more than 1,200 food bank centres in the UK as part of their drive to end hunger. During this period, Savoo will be donating a percentage of revenue for purchases made with Gousto to The Trussell Trust when you redeem the Exclusive 65% off your First Box + 25% off All Boxes for 2 Months code.

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