Savoo takes a closer look into three UK hospices

Hospice carer and patient

As part of our Hospice Week campaign, we’re taking a closer look into the amazing and invaluable work of hospice care staff and volunteers from around the country.

On Monday, we explored the extent of hospice care, the services they offer, and the variable nature of hospice care.

In this post, we’ll be looking at three specific hospices and delving deeper into their work, their aims, and the campaigns they’re currently working on to ensure the high quality, personable nature, and above all, accessibility of hospice care is maintained.

Acorns Children’s Hospice

Acorns Logo
Acorns Children’s Hospice provides care, support, fun and laughter for children with life limiting or life threatening conditions and their families.

They have three hospices in the Midlands and care includes respite and short breaks, family support, emergency care and end of life care. Similarly to other hospices, care packages are tailored to the individual needs and wishes of the child and their family. As well as medical care, Acorns provides emotional, cultural, religious and spiritual care and these can be provided at a hospice, in the community or the family home.

Family time is precious when a child’s life is limited – at Acorns families can enjoy time together and create lasting memories. Short breaks also give families the chance to have a break from round the clock care, whilst knowing their child is in safe hands.

In the last year Acorns have cared for 876 children. Two-year-old Luca is just one of them.

Luca’s mum Faye said:

“Acorns always feels like a safe place where we can do lots of things together as a family and where they really understand Luca and his condition. Luca loves the music and sensory activities, and it means I can have a cup of tea and a chat with other families in similar situations to me.

“If it wasn’t for Acorns and people like you, I would still be at home alone and isolated, and my family wouldn’t have this wonderful place to come and make happy memories together.”

You can support Acorns for free through Savoo. And during Hospice Week we’ll be donating £1 for every new supporter on top of regular donations.

Strathcarron Hospice

Strathcarron Hospice logo

Strathcarron Hospice provides end of life care to people in central Scotland facing a terminal illness.

One of their current campaigns is aimed at providing families a more comfortable experience and making the most out of their precious moments together. It can be difficult for families who find themselves no longer able to sleep in the same bed, lay together or cuddle up on the sofa.

A cuddle can mean so much and this month they’re hoping to buy a Cuddle Bed so patients and families can spend precious time together making every moment count. It will allow that close human comfort we look for from the moment we are born.

Strathcarron Cuddle Bed

Having recently loaned a Cuddle Bed to learn about the difference it can make for patients and their loved ones, the daughter of one patient said:

“My dad was such a cuddly person and when he first took ill it was really difficult for us and the kids as we weren’t able to cuddle him like we used to.

‘‘It’s small things like this that you just take for granted. Having a cuddle bed at Strathcarron meant so much to not only my dad but the whole family, including the kids who enjoyed cuddling up and enjoying precious time together.”

Strathcarron need to raise £10,500 to cover the cost of this special bed and make their goal a reality. You can donate to them directly, or support them for free through Savoo. If you sign up to support them during Hospice Week, we’ll donate £1 per new supporter.

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

Bluebell Wood logo

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice currently provides care for over 250 children and young adults and their families both at home and at their hospice in Sheffield. Their hospice was opened almost ten years ago, and includes eight bedrooms, accommodations for family members, a relaxing lounge and dining room area, a sensory room, a cinema room, six and a half acres of land, and much, much more.

Their aim is to create a safe, relaxing, and comfortable place for children with life-shortening conditions and their families to create precious memories and enjoy their time together. The range of care they offer is wide, and includes respite care, end of life treatment, community support, and a sibling support group.

Their ‘Light up a Life’ campaign is just one of their current appeals, and encourages people to make a donation in memory of somebody special. When you donate, they’ll send you a limited edition sparkling star to hang on your Christmas tree, and you can dedicate a star to your loved one in their unique, virtual night sky.

Bluebell Wood Light up a Life banner

It costs over £4 million a year to keep their doors open and they receive just 10% of their funding from statutory government sources, meaning your support and donations really are vital in order to continue providing hospice care to those who need it.

You can support Bluebell Wood through Savoo for free, too. Every time you use a discount code or deal, or make a search with our search engine, we’ll donate to Bluebell Wood on your behalf. Plus, during Hospice Week we’re donating £1 per new supporter too.


To support a hospice for free through Savoo, head over to our charity directory and choose the ‘Hospices’ category. Every time you use a voucher code or deal of ours, or make a search with our search engine, we’ll donate on your behalf.

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