10 Ways to Save Money on your Honeymoon

Splashing out on a trip of a lifetime might be the perfect way to start married life, but many newlyweds are ending up in debt as the average cost of a honeymoon soars to over £3000. If you can’t afford to jet off to the Maldives for a luxury fortnight on the beach, don’t despair; here are 10 easy ways from Savoo to save money on your honeymoon costs.

1) Join a honeymoon registry
It is becoming more common for couples to ask for cash towards a honeymoon as a wedding gift rather than a traditional present. But some guests find putting notes in a card impersonal, and might be worried about the money getting lost on the day; to get around this, think about setting up a honeymoon gift list online. Honeymoon gift lists allow guests to donate money into a fund that they know is going towards a once in a lifetime holiday. John Lewis offer a honeymoon gift list in partnership with travel company Kuoni, or you could use a travel agent like Trailfinders.com to create your list.
2) Enjoy a quickie
Eiffel tower, Paris from above at nightYou don’t have to get away for two weeks to make your honeymoon special. In fact, ‘minimoons’ can be every bit as indulgent as a longer honeymoon. Travelling long distances would take up too much time and money on a minimoon, so prioritise finding a gorgeous place to stay rather than an exotic far off location. City breaks in Europe work perfectly: think Paris, Barcelona and Rome for a glamorous long-weekend without the long-haul flight costs. Try Secret Escapes for a luxurious escape on a budget.
3) Take a risk
Lower the cost of your honeymoon by using a blind booking website to find plush hotels at bargain prices. With blind booking you only get the location, star rating and price before you book, but you can get around this by using an independent website like Bid Goggles to see if you can identify the hotel in advance. Hot Wire and lastminute.com have some great hotels available for blind booking.
4) Shoulder season
There is no rule to say that you have to go on your honeymoon straight after your wedding, and in fact it can pay to wait a couple of months to get a nicer hotel at a better price. Holidays might be cheapest during low season but there is often good reason for this (usually poor weather!), so compromise and book your honeymoon during shoulder season instead. Shoulder season falls at the start and finish of the high season, but costs are usually lower than at peak times. When booking your honeymoon, avoid school holidays but keep as close to high season as you can.
5) Time it right
When it comes to booking your honeymoon, timing is absolutely crucial. You can save money on flights by booking in advance and for midweek. However, tour operators and travel agents often slash prices around a month before departure, so if you don’t book early then consider leaving it until the last minute; there may be less choice but you will have a better chance of grabbing a bargain.
6) Use your cards to earn air miles
airliner in the sky above the cloudsIf you are planning to pay for much of your wedding costs using a credit card then make sure you apply for one which rewards you with air miles as you spend. Frequent flyer credit cards are easy ways to travel in luxury at a reduced cost, and you often get bonus points for signing up. American Express credit cards are the best for air miles: using British Airways Amex you accrue one Avios point for every £1 spent. But remember that you will need to have a good credit rating to apply for one of these cards, and there will be less flight availability using air miles than paying in cash.
7) Consider all-inclusive
Worried about costs mounting up when you are on your honeymoon? Paying upfront with an all-inclusive trip will help you stay within budget, and there are no surprises or limits on the amount you can eat and drink whilst away (result!). All the basics are included in an all-inclusive honeymoon including your room, meals and onsite activities, and many resorts will even offer a free wedding ceremony if you book in for a certain amount of nights. Lowcostholidays.com has a great range of honeymoon packages, but make sure you find out exactly what is included in your deal before booking.
8) Sign up for fare alerts
Websites such as Skyscanner and thetrainline.com provide a ‘fare alerts’ service, which will email you as soon as the price goes up or down on your chosen ticket. This means you don’t have to keep checking the price to make sure you get the best deal- they will do all the hard work for you.
9 ) Staycationcouple enjoying sunset over looking a city centre
If all you want from your honeymoon is to lounge around in a big bed with spa treatments, room service and plenty of champagne, save hundreds or even thousands of pounds on airfare by booking a staycation in the UK. Since you won’t be splashing out on travel you will be able to afford a luxurious hotel for a longer period of time.  Apex Hotels has some great deals on 4* hotels in Scotland, whilst plush Marriott hotels are situated throughout the country. If you fancy a city break in London, Travelodge has central London hotels for £55 or less. Why try and trump Mr and Mrs Next Door with a holiday in Maldives when you could honeymoon here for a fraction of the cost?
10) Be shameless
And don’t forget, you should always make the hotel or airline aware that you are booking for your honeymoon- you might get a complimentary glass of champagne thrown in or even a free upgrade!
Check out Savoo’s Travel Discount Codes for more ways to save on your honeymoon. Plus, for more ways to save on your wedding in general check out our articles Save money on your wedding – part 1 and Part 2, finding wedding flowers on a budget, bridesmaid dresses and affordable wedding shoes.

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