My 1st Years Review

my 1st years review

My 1st Year review written by Anne-Sophie, member of staff and mother of one at Savoo in 2019. 

Sponsored Post: Whilst My 1st Years sent me these items for free to test, the opinions are completely my own and unbiased.

When it comes to buying toys, clothing and comforts for your baby the choice seems endless. From cotton blankets to muslins, bibs and pram liners, it can be all too overwhelming for new parents who simply want the best for their child. Plus, with so many retailers promising premium quality, finding essentials that are meaningful, original and timeless may seem difficult. At My 1st Years, originality and quality is what they do best.

As a first-time parent to Oscar as of October 2018, I was instantly impressed with the wide range of babywear, games and toys at My 1st Years. Not to mention the fact that almost everything was personalised at no extra cost – a unique touch that made these baby essentials truly personal.

For this My 1st Years review, Oscar got his little hands-on:

🌟The pull-along wooden caterpillar

🌟The grey star knit blanket

🌟 The colourful wooden xylophone

🌟The wooden play guitar


Here’s my honest My 1st Year review from one first time mum to many others!

1. The pull-along wooden caterpillar

my1styears personalised wooden caterpillar toy

I’m all for educational and wooden toys! The pull along wooden caterpillar is the perfect combination of educational and entertaining – two essential things to consider when choosing toys and games for your little one. The bright colours and movement of the wheels proved intriguing for five-month-old Oscar – he really enjoyed pushing the caterpillar across the floor and seeing the wheels turn.

I have no doubts he’ll love it even more as he starts walking. The red rope means he’ll be able to pull the caterpillar along behind him as he walks – almost like his first little companion following him everywhere. While the recommended age for this toy is 1+ years, I think it works equally as well for younger babies who will learn new ways to interact with it as they grow older.

2. The grey star knit blanket

my 1st years personalised grey star blanket

Next up on this My 1st Years review, is this beautiful knitted blanket. Young babies, especially under a year old, struggle to regulate their own temperature. So, this super cosy blanket is a must-have for any new parent! Big enough to wrap him up like a baby burrito 🌯 and versatile enough to take virtually anywhere, it’s perfect for keeping Oscar nice and toasty at home, in the pram and in the car.

The neutral colour makes it universal while the durable 100% cotton material stayed soft wash even after washing. Oscar loved being wrapped up after bath time and it was a matter of minutes until he was fast asleep, all wrapped up and looking as adorable as ever. 

3. The colourful wooden xylophone

my 1st years personalised xylophone

This interactive wooden xylophone is a great way to introduce any child to a range of different sounds and colours. It’s recommended for children aged 3+, but while older children can actually learn how to play different tunes and create their own songs, younger babies like Oscar may enjoy hitting the pine blocks and engaging with the sounds just as much.

As Oscar is still quite young he found a lot of enjoyment simply from hitting the xylophone with the drumstick and hearing what sounds he could make. He also seemingly loved the taste of the drumstick too – but as it’s wooden I didn’t mind so much.

4. The wooden play guitar

my1styears personalised blue miniature guitar

The final product in this My 1st Years review is one of my favourites. I was brought up in a musical family, so it only felt right for my mini musician to try out the My 1st Years wooden play guitar. In fact, my father still has his miniature guitar from when he was little – proving these kinds of toys really do stand the test of time. As you can see in the picture below, my dad’s guitar is still looking great all these years later. Here’s hoping Oscar cherishes his guitar for just as long! It’s finished in gorgeous pastel blue paint and has Oscar’s name engraved on it.

The strings can be tuned just like a real guitar, meaning Oscar and I will be able to start learning to play together once he gets a bit older. Despite it being personalised, I think it’s practical and durable enough to be handed down to siblings once he’s too old for it.



My 1st Year delivery, packaging & pricing

my 1st years delivery packaging

My 1st Years packaging is a testament to the quality of the products. Every order comes with a luxury gift box at no extra cost- perfect if you’re buying any of their products as a gift. Plus, it really adds that extra special touch to these gorgeous items you can cherish forever.

All items were personalised with Oscar’s name – something I’m hoping he will appreciate more as he gets older and starts recognising the spelling of his name. The wooden toys were engraved and the cotton blanket was stitched with Oscar’s name beautifully. Even with the personalisation – which is free with every item – delivery took four days, which was quicker than I was expecting.

The verdict:

One things for certain, My1stYears products are built to last. The classic designs, the premium quality, and the fantastic selection are what sets it apart from other babywear retailers. While the pricing may not be completely accessible for all new parents, there are frequent sale events and offers so even parents on the tightest of baby budgets can treat their little ones to something special.

Discover all the latest My 1st Years discount codes and vouchers right here at Savoo to see how much you could save while buying something special for a little one in your life! 



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  1. Amber Goddard

    5 years ago

    My 1st Years items are the perfect fusion between traditional chic and contemporary gifts that will grow with a child.

    In our home music is very important so my personal favourite item covered in the blog is the colourful xylophone. It is also apt because our little lady is a rainbow baby (we lost her big brother in 2017 when I was almost 22 weeks pregnant) so I have thrown myself even more into Motherhood and we have really bonded through music. Beatrice has a natural rhythm and appreciation for music. The xylophone would be perfect to foster her passion and get her into musical
    Instruments further. It would be a beautiful accompaniment to her other music based items. I love the personalisation aspect.

    With £100 I would invest in one of the beautiful personalised toy boxes as the quintessential birthday gift for her upcoming first birthday as she has so many toys and we NEED an effective storage solution!

  2. Stacey leigh

    5 years ago

    Oh that pink guitar is awesome my daughter would love it to be a rockstar like Daddy!

  3. Carrie-Anne Brown

    5 years ago

    I love the wooden pull along caterpillar the most from the blog review, I haven’t seen a pull along like that before, its so cute! I would buy the wooden guitar for my little boy with his name on as we find it very very hard to find anything with his name on and I think he would love to play with one of these! I would also buy some gifts for my niece and nephews who are all similar in age and under 3.

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