Veganuary in Review – Our Muscle Food Vegan Meal Kit Review

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At Savoo, we’re all about new experiences (and saving money!) – so we’ve tried and tested Muscle Food’s vegan meal kits. We’ve even got an exclusive Muscle Food discount code for you to round off your Veganuary – or carry it on into vegan-February!

Veganuary is somewhat of a phenomenon due to its quick and enthusiastic uptake in communities across the globe. Reporting for The Guardian this year, Zoe Wood found that more than 500,000 people signed up for Veganuary in 2021, but research conducted by the Veganuary campaign suggested that 10 times that number of people may actually have participated.

While many companies seem to be slow to jump on the bandwagon in creating affordable, vegan-friendly food, Muscle Food (already adept in creating delicious yet healthy and proportionate meals and snacks) took to the task like a plant-based duck to water!


Ruby: Meat Free Fajita Style Wrap

Muscle Food Vegan Meal Kit Review - Meat Free Fajita Style Wrap


For lunch, I had the delicious fajita wrap which filled me up well past the end of the workday. I served mine with some avocado, a small side salad, and some smoked paprika. It’s a habit for me to add seasoning to every meal but found I didn’t really need to because the wrap was flavoursome enough on its own.

Shona: Meat Free Spicy Chilli Wrap 

Muscle Food Vegan Meal Kit Review - Meat Free Spicy Chilli Wrap

A quick lunch is what I look for, and I got that and more with the Meat Free Spicy Chilli Wrap. I served my wrap with a side of avocado, spinach and red onion, as there was no need to distract from the flavoursome filling. It only takes a minute to prepare and arrives in a compact box, making it an ideal option for lunch on the move. Two wraps cost just £3.98, considerably lower than vegan food you’ll find out and about, so it’s a cost-effective yet healthy choice.


Ruby: Meat Free Potato and Bean Pot

Muscle Food Vegan Meal Kit Review - Meat Free Potato and Bean Pot

Most people want something more substantial for dinner than the stereotypical vegan meal could provide. However, with all the nutritional information written on the box, this wasn’t a concern. Anyone using Veganuary to improve their health will probably really enjoy knowing exactly what their body is gaining from the meal and won’t feel the need to add any sides at all.

Moreover, it was incredibly easy to make – a great option for the end of the day where you don’t want to sacrifice flavour and nutrition for convenience.

Shona: Curried Noodles with Meat-Free Chicken

Muscle Food Vegan Meal Kit Review - Curried Noodles with Meat-Free Chicken

Muscle Food’s vegan dishes are packed with veggies, protein and low calories, so you’re not missing out on crucial nutrition even with pre-prepared dinners. 

The recipe consists of mock chicken pieces, wholewheat noodles, MuscleFood’s famous tomato sauce, roasted butternut squash and peppers. The curried noodle dish itself was full of flavour, and the ‘spicy tomato bad man sauce’ combined all ingredients deliciously. 


Ruby: BBQ Roasted Chickpeas

Muscle Food Vegan Meal Kit Review - BBQ Roasted Chickpeas

You know when something tastes so good it has you doubting whether it can really be better for you than a pack of crisps? Well, the barbecue roasted chickpeas were exactly that. As their own foodstuff they’ve got a lot to offer – granted I already liked chickpeas before this, but I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to graze on these throughout the day.

What made this experience great for me was the fact all considerations had already been made for me. This is a really good option for those who want to continue Veganuary.

Shona: Roasted Peas Sea Salt & Vinegar

Muscle Food Vegan Meal Kit Review - Roasted Peas Sea Salt & Vinegar

Snacks keep us fueled throughout the day, and as a vegan, many typical choices are off-limits, so Muscle Food is the perfect solution for plant-based treats. Roasted peas are a moreish, crunchy and tangy delight – who knew roasted vegetables could taste so good? The salt and vinegar flavour is plentiful, and the roasted texture completely transforms the peas from their conventional form. 

After a full day of Muscle Food, the stand-out for me was that I confidently smashed my nutritional targets, something that’s difficult to achieve on a vegan diet. 

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Sponsored Post – Whilst Muscle Food sent Ruby and Shona this product for free to test, the opinions are completely their own and unbiased.

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