The Protein Works Review

I’d promised myself that once 2017 arrived I’d start taking better care of myself. My fail-safe plan included rejoining the gym, sorting out my diet and perhaps frequenting the public house a little less. Perhaps.

I was fully prepared to embark on a journey of health, fitness and well being.

And so I decided to do a little reading up on other things that could help aid my ‘getting into shape plan’ and it was clear that protein powders were high on the agenda for many fitness pros.

Protein powders claim to support muscle recovery post workout, and although I’m no scientist, I’ve seen plenty of impressive-bodied-beings at the gym drinking these colourful shakes before, during or after their workout to assume that there must be some truth in it all.

I got in touch with a representative at The Protein Works and asked them to recommend a ‘getting started’ bundle of products I could try as a kind of initiation to the world of Protein.

Here’s my Protein Works review.

Protein Products tried and tested

Here are each of the products I ordered and how I managed to integrate each into my normal, day to day diet.

Zero Syrup – Maple Syrup Flavour

maple syrup protein works

Every morning I have porridge at my desk for breakfast and have always added honey to sweeten it. But this zero sugar syrup is an awesome alternative. The syrup contains zero carbs, sugars, calories and fats and tastes just like maple syrup – a really simple switch to make from honey.

Also available in 7 other flavours, including blueberry, butterscotch and cherry.

Belgian Chocolate Brownies

Protein works brownie

The Savoo office is full of grazers, snackers and fridge pickers and it’s beyond hard to resist the little treats dotted around sometimes. So these gooey, chocolatey treats were welcomed with open arms. Containing mass amounts of protein, but low in sugar these are the perfect snack to get you through late afternoon, or in my case I would devour one about an hour before I finished work just in time for my gym session.

I have tried other brands before and often found the products to be super heavy and was never keen on the chewiness – But these are so tasty I have to remind myself that too much protein is not great either!

Skinny Protein – Strawberries ‘n’ Cream

skinny protein

This shake has ended up being a reward for my hard work at the gym. It’s what I look forward to at the end of a workout and it gives me something to really work for! This skinny protein shake is so delicious and sweet, I absolutely love it. It comes in a few different flavours but my favourite is by far the strawberries ‘n’ cream.

This shake is only 97 calories and I can either choose to keep it thick and gloopy like a luxurious milkshake or water it down for a more hydrating and refreshing hit. Although I can’t say I have used it as a weight loss or meal replacement tool, I can say that this is a super filling drink and exactly what I need to help build and repair my muscles after a good workout.

The skinny protein is a 30 day plan so you have to follow the directions and it also comes with a free 30 day fitness plan (Worth £19.99) with exercises and recipe plans to follow.

Super Greens – Tropical Punch

tropical protein works

First impressions are that the green powder smells a little funky and gives the impression that it is going to taste like powdered Kale… Yuck.  Well looks can be deceiving. This refreshing drink is packed full of vegetables but tastes like a tropical punch. Getting my 5 a day is going to be a breeze thanks to this delicious drink.

I find the best time for me to drink this is later in the afternoon when I am starting to feel the lag of the day – This would also be a great option to have first thing as it has a little bite to it.

Don’t be put off by the colour, it tastes so much better than it looks!

Whey Protein 360 – Chocolate Marble Cheesecake

Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake that’s packed full of healthy protein? What a mouth-watering prospect! This shake has a rich chocolatey flavor and retains an incredibly smooth texture when mixed with either water or milk. I was particularly surprised at the low calorie, low carb, low sugar and fat content. It’s basically the best solution for a sweet tooth like me!

It came in especially handy when the sugar cravings hit and in a couple of instances I would add one scoop to a small amount of water and enjoy as a chocolatey, syrupy sludge.

The Protein Works Verdict

By using these tasty protein products I did have to adjust my diet slightly to manage my protein levels, as its not good to consume too much too quickly. But it’s undoubtedly amazing to know that I can get all the protein my body needs (with none of the sugar or calories of similar snacks) through shakes and brownies.

There was the obvious temptation of  just outright stuffing my face with the brownies but fortunately, they were really filling so I just needed a little discipline and to work out the best way for me to weave them into my daily eating habits.

Daily brownies – no problem.

The Protein Works products are a great option for anyone looking to use protein supplements – whether you’re a newbie like me or an esteemed fitness pro. I love that they are really innovative with their flavours and they release new ones all the time.

There’s no way to tell if the protein has had an effect on my physique in such a short amount of time but I’ve been assured that over time, I’ll see a noticeable difference and look and feel more trimmed, toned and lean.

I’ll most definitely be buying more and recommending them to friends and family.

For this week only you can benefit from 25% off at The Protein Works so now is the time to stock up on your protein supplies.

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