Is it better to be single or coupled-up on Valentines Day?

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is looming and no matter what your relationship status or general feelings are toward this high pressured day of love, you’ve probably noticed that it’s pretty hard to escape.

It’s bloody everywhere and cupid is determined to get you one way or another and make you feel something – good or bad.

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And of course what you feel depends largely on whether you are a loved-up Lara or a steadfastly single Stacie.

But whichever side you play for, we can guarantee that the game face will be at large as women everywhere feel the pressure to love and be loved. Or really obviously show that they don’t give a f***.

and hair flip i dont care idc

The Savoo office is pretty equally divided when it comes to singles vs couples, and we got to talking about which side has got it best on this amorous day.

Introducing the Valentines Day couples…

(Cue dramatic music)

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What should be a day of love, intimacy and togetherness is often in reality, a week of frustrated solitude, anxiety and pressure to get it right. The fear of disappointment is real, people.

Here’s what couples need to contend with in the run up to the big day:

  1. Find the perfect card and then personalise with lyrical poetry pulled from the innermost depths of your soul.
  2. Score a covetable dinner reservation (complete with candles) on the biggest date night of the year – no mean feat.
  3. Pick a gift that doesn’t financially cripple you for months but also isn’t considered ‘cheap’, or worse – ‘thoughtless’.
  4. Put in just the right amount of romantic effort without being too cliché. Effort is very important – always demonstrate effort; but subtle effort – not too ‘try hard’, you know?
  5. Prove that you know your other half better than anyone else – somehow.

To conclude the couples segment; get it wrong and you will suffer. Shopping for gifts is a matter of ultimate Valentines Day success or failure; a ticking time bomb for quashed expectations and disappointment.

Perhaps love really is a losing game… (on Valentines Day at least).

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Introducing the V-Day singletons…

Within the ‘single communities’, the feeling of dread can set in as soon as February hits, which is when singletons begin to ask themselves; “what’s in store this month?”

Bloody Valentines Day – that’s literally it.

.tv reactions tina fey single valentine

Oh, not forgetting Singles Awareness Day (SAD) of course which falls on 15th February.  Excellent news. Giving singles yet another reason to feel like a herd of outcasts. We’ve now got our very own awareness day to remind everyone else that “we have feelings too”.

Here’s how Valentines Day feels for many a bachelorette:

  1. Panic buttons pressed – ALONE: ALONE: ALONE – again…
  2. Self-pity because ‘nobody loves me’.
  3. Spending the evening at home with a Chinese take-away watching Bridget Jones Diary or a brutal horror film for cathartic purposes.
  4. Desperation – shall I agree to a date with that persistent frog I work with? Anything but face this day alone…
  5. Smug couples – the enemy is everywhere. There they go – flaunting their love and making you feel inadequate. Why will no-one love me!!!!!
  6. Fear / acceptance – I’m going to die alone.

Single life can be tough; no doubt about it. And you really don’t need Cassandra flaunting her red roses in front of you.

“What the hell has she got that I haven’t?”

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After an afternoon of pondering in the office, we could all agree on one thing.

Valentines Day is just like any other day.

And we will all survive it. In fact, many of us will even enjoy it.

It’s a great night for singletons to go out and meet other singletons (they’re all rounded up with nowhere to go people!) or a great opportunity to stopl and spend time with your significant other.

Whether you choose to ignore or embrace Valentines Day, just chill. No pressure.


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