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  • Over the last year alone Mind has helped over 440,000 people find the support they need to improve their mental health. They provide help and guidance for anyone struggling with their mental health and campaign to promote a better understanding of mental health awareness.
  • From offering award-winning advice and information to running their confidential Infoline, Mind provides a consistent, open-minded, and nurturing space in which individuals are really listened to. Through memberships, campaigns, and professional training, Mind’s aim is to ensure everyone going through a difficult time is treated with respect with regard to their mental health..
  • Mind works to remove barriers to mental health care. By encouraging social participation and improving access to support services, they work to empower choice and inspire change that comes from within. From addressing suicide rates to improving mind sets to raising awareness about ‘taboo’ topics, Mind is here to help with what matters.

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Learn more about Mind

Mind is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness, support, and advocacy. The organisation focuses on fostering a society where mental health is understood, valued, and prioritised. It provides a range of services, including counselling, information dissemination, and community programmes, to aid those experiencing mental health challenges. Committed to breaking down stigma and discrimination, Mind actively engages in campaigns and educational initiatives. Through collaboration with individuals, communities, and policymakers, the charity works towards influencing positive changes in mental health policies and services.

How they support: Mind's Supportive Endeavours

Mind, the leading mental health charity, plays a pivotal role in supporting individuals on their mental health journeys. Through a diverse range of programmes and services, the organisation provides invaluable assistance to those affected by mental health challenges. It offers a helpline, counselling services, and resources that empower individuals to better understand and manage their mental well-being. By championing awareness and destigmatising mental health issues, Mind actively contributes to creating a more inclusive and supportive society. The charity's advocacy work influences policy changes, ensuring that mental health remains a priority on both individual and systemic levels. Mind's comprehensive approach not only aids individuals in crisis but also promotes long-term mental wellness, fostering resilience and community connection for a healthier, happier society.

Ways you can help: Donate monthly

If you’re able to afford to donate to the cause, here’s what a monthly donation could cover:

  • £5 - could help put our information in local GP surgeries, helping people to make the crucial first step of asking their doctor for support.
  • £10 - could help the charity answer calls to its Infoline, providing someone with vital support and information about help in their area.
  • £20 - could help make mental health a priority.

Other ways you can help: Make a one-time donation

Here is what a one-time donation to Mind could cover:

  • £20 - could help the charity answer calls to its Infoline, providing someone with vital support and information about help in their area.
  • £50 could help Mind campaign for better mental health services from the Government. With your help, they could make sure people get the support they need as soon as they need it.
  • £100 could pay the cost of one of Mind’s Infoline or Legal Line advisors for a whole day.


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