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  • AWARE is the only depression charity in Northern Ireland working exclusively to support the increasing numbers of people across Northern Ireland affected by depression and bipolar disorder (including sufferers, families, friends & carers).
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and it affects 1 in 4 people in Northern Ireland in their lifetime;
  • NI has the highest rate of suicide in the U.K., and 1 in 10 young people aged 5-16 suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder.

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Learn more about Aware NI

Aware NI focuses on raising awareness, providing education, and offering support to individuals and communities affected by mental health challenges. The charity strives to break the stigma surrounding mental health by promoting open conversations and fostering understanding. Through various programs, including educational initiatives and support groups, the organisation aims to empower individuals to manage their mental well-being effectively. By working collaboratively with communities and advocating for mental health awareness, Aware NI plays a vital role in enhancing the overall mental health landscape and ensuring that individuals have the resources and support they need to lead fulfilling lives.

How they support: Providing crucial support

Through a range of programs and services, the charity offers practical assistance, emotional support, and educational resources to empower individuals in managing their mental well-being. Aware NI conducts support groups, workshops, and campaigns to break down the stigma associated with mental health issues, creating a more understanding and supportive environment. The organisation actively engages with communities, fostering a sense of connection and shared experience.

Ways you can help: Donate

If you can only donate to the charity, you’d be making a difference. Here’s what your donation would cover:

  • £15 could pay for one young person to receive the AWARE Mood Matters Young People programme in a school or community setting.
  • £100 could run one of their Support Groups for a week
  • £100 allows the charity to go into communities to provide two awareness-raising sessions with literature promoting the importance of looking after your mental health.

Other ways you can help: Aware NI Mood Walk

By joining an Aware NI Mood Walk, individuals actively engage in a collective effort to break the stigma surrounding mental health and promote open conversations. The funds raised through these events directly contribute to Aware NI's initiatives, enabling the charity to expand its support services, educational programs, and community outreach efforts. The act of walking together not only fosters a sense of unity among participants but also signifies a shared commitment to mental health advocacy.


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