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  • The British Skin Foundation is a leading charity dedicated to funding research and raising awareness about skin conditions.
  • Over the years, the British Skin Foundation has funded numerous research projects, contributing to advancements in dermatology. Notably, it has supported over 300 research studies to date, fostering a better understanding of various skin-related issues.
  • The organisation actively engages in educational initiatives, providing valuable resources and information to empower individuals to take charge of their skin health.K.

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Learn more about British Skin Foundation

The British Skin Foundation is a unique charity that works to understand and treat skin diseases and problems, including skin cancer. With 70% of British people struggling with confidence due to visible skin conditions, and a significant number having suffered from skin diseases, the British Skin Foundation works to ensure research is being done to improve people’s lives. As the only charity in the U.K. to raise money to fund research into all skin diseases, the British Skin Foundation is undertaking a huge task. From working to reduce stigma and raise awareness about living with skin diseases and conditions to providing significant amounts of funding to researchers, their role as a charity is invaluable. From providing advice on managing scars to learning more about how genetics can affect the skin, the British Skin Foundation aims to ensure everyone gets the help they need. Informing the public, helping to fight skin cancer, and working to alter public perceptions of skin disease are just some of the things you’ll support by raising money for the British Skin Foundation.

How they support: The British Skin Foundation's Impact

The British Skin Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting individuals in their skin health journey. Through rigorous research initiatives, the British Skin Foundation strives to advance dermatological knowledge and find innovative solutions to skin-related challenges. By providing a platform for education and awareness, the organisation empowers people to make informed decisions about their skin health. Moreover, the British Skin Foundation actively collaborates with healthcare professionals, patients, and the broader community to foster a supportive network. Through its commitment to excellence and advocacy, the British Skin Foundation continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by skin conditions, contributing to a healthier and more informed society.

Ways you can help: Leave a gift in your will

This thoughtful gesture allows for the continuation of the Foundation's vital work in advancing dermatological research, education, and patient care. By including a bequest, supporters contribute to a legacy that furthers the understanding and treatment of skin conditions, ultimately improving the lives of those affected. This enduring commitment helps sustain the British Skin Foundation's mission to promote skin health and address dermatological challenges.

Other ways you can help: Make a donation

By making a financial contribution, supporters play a crucial role in advancing the foundation's mission to fund research, raise awareness, and provide vital resources for skin-related conditions. Donations serve as a catalyst for groundbreaking research initiatives, aiding in the development of innovative treatments and therapies. They not only strengthen the foundation's capacity to address skin-related challenges but also make a tangible impact on the lives of those affected. Through the act of giving, individuals can align themselves with the British Skin Foundation's commitment to fostering a healthier future for all.


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