The British Skin Foundation launched in 1996 and since then has aimed to fund research for cures for skin disease and skin cancer. Finding cures are important but raising awareness is another important priority for the Charity and they are continually fighting for institutional change to help skin disease sufferers.

BSF encourage people to open up and share their experiences with one another so they don’t have to suffer alone. They work closely with the British Association of Dermatologists since 2009 that helps the BSF reach the position they are in today. While they are getting closer to achieving their goals as a Charity, there is still a long way to go. Some skin diseases are manageable but others are dangerous enough to kill so they still need your generosity to fund more advanced research.

This might surprise you...

8 million people live with a skin disease in the UK.

Skin cancer kills over 2,500 people each year in the UK. Over 100,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and when broken down this equates to 7 people a day.

85% of people in the UK admit to getting sunburnt at least 3 or times in their lifetime.

BSF is the only national charity dedicated to skin disease research, they have supported nearly 300 research projects across all types of skin diseases including eczema, psoriasis and more.

The Charity gives grants to colleges across the UK for high quality research.

Why is the British Skin Foundation different?

The BSF is the only national charity dedicated to skin disease research and the only skin charity on Savoo. So far, they have managed to support nearly 300 research projects across all skin diseases as mentioned above.

Ways to show your support

If you are a business, nominate BSF for Charity of the Year and enhance your corporate social responsibility.

Take part in a physically challenging event such as running, cycling, obstacle race etc. If you are feeling adventurous and bored of standard racing events then try a Spartan Race!

If a university, consider organising a concert or band night – Gather those musically gifted to host an evening/day of music and charge an entry fee for attendees. Here is an idea - if held at a pub, or bar, ask the manager if they would consider donating a percentage of profits to BSF to generate extra funds.


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