This charity’s aim is to end cruelty and restore respect for all animals in Asia. Their mission is to end bear farming for bile in Vietnam, provide sanctuaries for bears, end the suffering of all animals in captivity, and ensure that animals are treated humanely like with dogs and cats at home.

The charity raises funds to ensure they can continue to fight for animals’ rights, and in doing so, will ensure they abide by the charity’s core values. They vow to always prioritise the welfare of the animals; being responsible guardians for the animals they look after; being responsible with how they spend donations; will do their utmost to find compassionate solutions that benefit people as well as animals; and finally, act ethically at all times in everything they do.

Major issues

More than 400 bears are kept in sanctuaries throughout China and Vietnam where Animals Asia Foundation cares for bears and gathers evidence of the effects that bile extraction has on bears. They operate world-class bear rescue centres in Chengdu (China), Tam Dao (Vietnam) that provide bears with comfortable dens and semi-natural enclosures where they are able to keep bears in a safe environment, surrounded by other bears. These centres also contribute to the local community, as 250 jobs were created as a result of the centres opening.

The charity is also working hard to stop the needless killing of dogs as organised by the government in their efforts to reduce stray dog populations. Furthermore, the charity also works to stop cats and dogs from being snatched on the street and taken to meat markets, from which they are sold for human consumption, tragically enduring slow and violent deaths. To stop this, the charity provides funds and training to around 100 animal welfare groups that rescue dogs and cats.

Another example is their investigative work within zoos, safari parks and other entertainment venues across China, Vietnam and Indonesia. They identify animal welfare concerns and report them to management or government authorities. They also use their evidence to influence positive regulatory change. For example, many cows, pigs and chickens are fed to lions and tigers as live pray for crowd entertainment. They might also be chained and forced to entertain crowds in degrading fashion.

How your donations make an impact

£3 – A day’s food bill for one bear. With loads of fresh fruits, vegetables, and special vitamin-packed biscuits.

£10 – Could vaccinate a dog against rabies in China. Our rabies prevention programmes reduce the need for mass culling of dogs.

£20 - Could support one volunteer to investigate one zoo for one day. These investigations help us find evidence to support the closing of establishments with poor animal welfare.

£23 - The daily cost of caring for each bear. That’s nutritious food, cosy shelter, play equipment and health care. We currently house over 350 bears at our sanctuaries.

£350 - Could pay for an emergency full-body health check on a rescued bear, making sure we can assess the damage and immediately start repairing broken bears.

£600 - The price of one bear’s gallbladder surgery to remove the diseased and toxic organ after cruel bile farming has wrecked it.

Other ways supporters can help

You can sponsor a bear for £23 a month.

Or become a member of Oliver’s Army by giving a monthly donation of your choosing to support our campaigns.

One of the best ways to help the charity in their aims is to get involved yourself, and raise awareness amongst your local community.

There are many fundraising events that the charity’s set up for supporters to attend. Whether supporters are a fan of yoga, or fancy a sponsored walk, there’s always something happening. For example, there’s the bear-BQ (get it?), or the Walk in the Woods event, as well as a sponsored skydive. All details can be found in their events section on the website.

Everyone is welcome to hold a talk on the charity’s behalf. They’ll create presentation packs for various groups in order to help educate people, and spread the word about what’s happening in Asia.

Finally, Animals Asia Foundation has a selection of clothing with their logo on and funny, friendly messages that make for great gifts.

The list really is endless in how you can help Asia’s animals!


Office 17, Mary Seacole Road, The Millfields

Contact Number

01752 224424