By John Connellan


Choosing an all-inclusive resort can be a great option for all types of holiday-goers, with everything you need at your fingertips.

However, booking an all-inclusive destination can not only seem daunting due to so many destinations on offer, but also finding the best and most affordable trip for your budget.

To help you find the best value and most affordable destination, our travel experts here at Savoo have analysed the cost of an all-inclusive package holiday, which includes flights (for 6 nights/7 days from July 9th 2022) across some of the world’s favourite holiday destinations, to determine the cheapest to visit this summer.

Also looking into the number of all-inclusive offers in the area, and the average review score of each hotel in these destinations, we’ve considered the destinations that gave you the best value for money.

Agadir, Morocco is the cheapest all-inclusive destination in 2022

The cheapest all-inclusive holiday destinations

While determining the best value destination for an all-inclusive holiday, the research reveals that some are significantly cheaper than others.

The city of Agadir in Morocco is the cheapest location for an all-inclusive – with a Moroccan getaway costing an impressive £490 on average. With beaches close by, Agadir is a must-go destination if you want to enjoy your 2022 summer holiday on a budget.

Spain and Turkey are also among the most affordable all-inclusive destinations, with a respective average total price of £546 and £559.

On the other end of the scale, the research also uncovered the most expensive destinations for an all-inclusive stay, with Peru coming out as most expensive, with an all-inclusive trip costing £4,556 in Machu Picchu, over nine times more pricey than Agadir (£490).

Sal, Cape Verde crowned as the best value for money all-inclusive destination

The best value all-inclusive holiday destinations

Ranking at the top, Sal in Cape Verde offers travellers the best value for an all-inclusive trip based on its average cost per person and review score out of 10 according to Costing £920 per person, you can enjoy the beauty of Cape Verde without worrying about spending more on additional food and drink when you’re out there. Offering holiday goers over 8 all-inclusive hotels to choose from with an average review score of 89/100 – you should be adding Cape Verde to your bucket list this summer.

Coming in second place is Antalya in Turkey. With over 700 (760) all-inclusive spots to choose from – it’s clear that Turkey is a popular place for travellers and package holidays. With an average all-inclusive cost of £700 and an average review rating of 87/100, the Antalya region is definitely a destination to consider this summer.

To help you budget for your next all-inclusive trip, we’ve provided some top tips to consider before making your booking:

  1. Identify your needs - Defining your expectations is important when choosing a holiday destination. Are you planning a trip with your family or with friends? Are you planning to explore the city during the day or to relax at the hotel pool? What kind of activities would you like to do? All of these questions need to be answered, and considering these will allow you to refine your search and find the most suitable place for you.

  2. Have a closer look at what's included - An all-inclusive hotel can sometimes not include the same amenities as other locations and offers. According to your needs, have a careful look at what the all-inclusive package includes and see if it matches your necessities before booking.

  3. Check the weather - Check the weather forecast before choosing any destinations to ensure you are booking at the right time of year, and as a result are able to enjoy all the resort has to offer, getting the best value for money on your trip.

Whilst all-inclusive options can cost slightly more than other package holidays, the combination of good reviews and the ease of knowing everything is covered before leaving for your trip can make it well worth the price.

With Savoo's guidance and tips, you can now confidently choose the most suitable all-inclusive trip for your needs this year. Why not check out Savoo's guide on affordable ways to get away this Christmas too? If you're looking for savings on your next holiday don't forget to check out our TUI discount codes to save money at one of the UK's most popular package holiday operators and Travelodge discount codes for discounts on overnight airport stays.

Top 20 best value all-inclusive destinations in 2022

Top 20 best value all-inclusive destinations in 2022

Top 20 cheapest all-inclusive destinations in 2022

Top 20 cheapest all inclusive destinations in 2022