Ruth Emery

Ruth Emery

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Ruth Emery is an award-winning financial journalist with more than 15 years experience. After starting her career at the FT, she later moved to The Sunday Times to become Deputy Money Editor. She then launched Times Money Mentor, a free website designed to help people grow their money, and feel more confident about their finances. As the pandemic hit, it became an invaluable resource for thousands of readers,

Ruth took the plunge into the self-employed world in 2021, and has freelanced for a variety of publications including Stylist, The Independent, Ideal Home and The Daily Mail. As well as personal finance, Ruth also dabbles in travel and food and drink writing. Outside of work, she's a mum to two young children, and also a magistrate. Her ideal day would be a morning to herself - pottering about, maybe a dip in her local lido - followed by a BBQ with family and friends.

Ruth's top money-saving tip

"Shop around and compare prices for everything! From your car insurance and broadband to filling up your car and even booking a haircut, it really pays to spend a tiny bit of time checking prices. With the cost of living crisis biting, I've started to look up the cheapest petrol station whenever I'm driving somewhere and need to fill up. Haggling is also a good trick, especially for your mobile phone contract and broadband. If you spot a cheaper deal, tell your current provider. Don't be afraid to be put through to the 'cancellation department' on the phone, as they've often got the power to cut you the best deal!"

And.. be ruthless!

"(No pun intended). Another great habit to get into - which could save you hundreds of pounds - is to set aside a morning every month to go through your bank account. Look at the outgoings and see if you can spot anything that you forgot you were paying for. An old magazine subscription or membership for a fitness app you never use? Cancel it! You may also notice some expensive habits too, like how often you get a takeaway. If money is tight, you can start to reflect on how making a few small changes to your lifestyle could help you rein in your spending."