How to save money on beauty and skincare

Save money on your makeup

Pick up a makeup discount code

  • Naturally, our first top saving tip for your makeup is to pick up a discount code from Savoo. We've got hundreds of beauty retailers and even more discount codes and saving tips. Scroll up to browse our top discount codes for beauty and skincare, or scroll down to check out some of our top makeup brands.

Check the expiry date

  • In certain cases, the expiry date on your makeup products is very important. For example, products you use very close to your eye like mascara increase in likelihood of hosting and spreading bacteria the longer you use them. However, products you apply with a washable brush rather than directly to the skin are far more likely to remain clean. In some cases your unfinished products will have a slightly longer life (and you'll get more for your money) when you use the expiry as a guide instead of a strict rule.

Do a full colour chart analysis first

  • The internet is full of handy little apps and websites you can use to check the colour palette of your face and match your makeup's colour palette accordingly. Are you more of a warm or cool toned person? Does gold or silver jewellery suit you better? Knowing this information will make it far easier to purchase makeup that suits you, and you're likely to wear time and time again.

Save at our top makeup brands

Walk-in makeup experiences

  • Selfridges
  • Liberty London

Save money on your skincare routine

Get yourself a skincare discount code

  • We've got plenty of skincare brands here at Savoo to help you save a little or a lot on your skincare routine. From discount codes to saving tips, you'll be able to discover every way to save on your future purchases by searching here at Savoo first.

Use it once a day

  • To make your favourite products go further, see if you can use them less often. For example, a thicker moisturiser or retinol-based serum might be most appropriate in your night time routine. Alternately, you might find that brightening Vitamin C serum you've been using morning and night works just as well only applied in the mornings. Experiment to see what products you can use less frequently without your skin changing - and in theory you'll save 50% on future items by using your product in half the time you usually do!

Go for a skin consultation first

  • Whether you contact the seller of your favourite products, a dermatologist, or a new brand entirely, a professional working in skincare will be able to offer invaluable insight and advice into your skincare journey. Select the right products for you straight away to save money on returns, delivery, and correcting damage to your skin from using the wrong type of skincare.

If you love it, purchase a larger version

Men's skincare savings

Save at our top skincare brands

Skin treatments

  • Cowshed
  • ESPA
  • Spa Seekers
  • Treatwell

Shop at a does-it-all

Our last saving for your beauty and skincare is to shop at one store where you can buy it all. You're far more likely to save money on delivery (plus do something good for the environment), snatch up a deal or two, and get exciting free samples from a variety of brands.