Automotive FAQs

What are the best motoring deals today?

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How can I find the cheapest car insurance?

Use price comparison sites like Go Compare, MoneySupermarket and Compare the Market to explore all policies available to you and find out which is cheapest. Remember to factor in any extra perks or benefits and go with the best overall deal.

What’s the easiest way to keep car costs down?

Some quick wins to keep costs as low as possible include using apps to find free parking, joining a car pool club, finding cheaper fuel, doing regular checks and turning off the air conditioning.

Where can I find the best tyre deals?

Check out brands like ATS Euromaster, Tyres on the Drive, Protyre, Kwikfit and etyres for heaps of deals and discounts on all types of tyres. Remember to stick to trusted brands when shopping for tyres.

How to save money on car and vehicle costs

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Buying a car

Buying and running a car can end up being one of life’s biggest expenses. When you’re looking to buy a car, there are ways to cut costs - consider buying second hand which is much cheaper than buying a brand new vehicle. Trusted sites like Auto Trader are a great place to find used cars in your local area. See if you can use your old car for trade-in discounts too.

Plus, going second hand gives you a better chance of haggling and bringing the price down even further. If you do choose to buy brand new, pay upfront if you can. While finance options may seem appealing, you’ll often end up paying more over time. Check the terms and conditions as well as interest rates beforehand if you do choose the finance route.

Vehicle insurance deals

Like road tax, vehicle insurance is one of those things we just have to suck up and pay. But there are ways to get a good deal and bring the price down. First off, use a price comparison site like MoneySupermarket to find the cheapest deals. If you find a cheaper deal somewhere else, your current provider may be able to match it or even give you a better deal - it’s definitely worth doing your homework here.

Look out for extra benefits like low mile discounts or consider a black box policy to significantly reduce costs if you’re a new driver. Providers tend to offer bundle discounts if you package in your home and other insurance policies too.

Vehicle maintenance deals

Keeping your vehicle running like clockwork is not only crucial for safety, but is also easier on the finances too. Regular maintenance and trips to the garage can ward off potential huge payouts if anything goes wrong.

Places like KwikFit and ATS Euromaster are trusted garages and have regular deals on vehicle checks at MOTs. If you need spare parts, consider buying these yourself from platforms like Euro Car Parts, Demon Tweeks or GSF Car Parts. It may be cheaper to buy and get them fitted separately than relying on your MOT garage - do your research to find out which is best value.

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Car accessories and gadgets deals

Car gadgets like sat navs and bluetooth tech are incredibly commonplace these days, making our lives easier when we get behind the wheel. Motoring superstore Halfords and tech giant Currys often have discounts across in-car technology like dash cams, sat navs, audio equipment, reversing cameras and more. Check out current offers and discount codes to see what deals are up for grabs before you shop, and shop around on brands to make sure you’re getting the best price for your car accessories.