Diet and Nutrition FAQs

ᐅ What are the best deals for vitamins and supplements?

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ᐅ Are vitamins really worth the money?

Vitamins and supplements can be part of an effective routine to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals. However, not all vitamins and supplements are right for everyone. By doing your research before purchasing, you'll be able to tell which vitamins are worth your money and which aren't.

ᐅ Is there a difference between cheap and expensive vitamins / supplements?

You'll almost certainly save money by shopping generic vitamins. If keeping costs low is your main concern, you can save by shopping own-brand! Own-brand ("cheap") vitamins are regulated under the same laws as brand-name and so they will still be effective at what they do. Since ingredients vary, it is difficult to say whether expensive vitamins and supplements are better.

ᐅ How can I get healthy for less money?

If you're trying to get healthy for less this year, pick up a discount code for many of the UK's most popular wellness stores at Savoo. If you don't know where you want to shop, check out our top Diet & Nutrition retailers on this page. To save even more, be sure to have a look at our top saving tips here too!

ᐅ Why are vitamins and supplements so expensive?

Vitamins cost a lot to manufacture, making the RRP higher cost, too. But there is a way to save money on even the most expensive vitamins and supplements. Pick up a promo code right here at Savoo, and follow our other saving tips like new customer discounts, clearance sales and free delivery deals to save even more.

How to save money on your diet and nutrition

Store your supplements properly

By caring about the storage guidance, you can extend the shelf life of your diet and nutrition buys. Healthline recommends not storing vitamins A and D in direct sunlight as it will reduce their potency. They also advise keeping supplements like probiotics and flaxseed oil in the fridge to ensure they retain their effectiveness for as long as possible.

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Go to your GP for a health check first

Heard a miracle story about a dietary supplement? Before rushing to purchase, get a health check up to see whether your body will benefit in the same way. For example, vegans and vegetarians might see great benefits from vitamin B12 that those who eat meat simply wont. This goes the same for people who are anemic taking iron supplements that not everyone needs. By staying informed about your body, you'll never waste money on vitamins you don't need!

Take them at the right time

Whether your vitamins are water soluble or fat soluble, taking them at the right time of day will help absorption and ensure you get the most out of your vitamins - saving you money on having to up the dose. Have a look on the back of the bottle or packet to see how it's recommended you take them. It's not just arbitrary advice!

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Read the reviews

For supplements you just aren't sure about, why not check the reviews on site? From verified purchases to chat forums, you'll be able to find plenty of info on the product's effectiveness. From weight loss tea to hair growth gummies, reading reviews can help you decide what's worth your money and what's not. Better yet, the reviews are free to access!

Take supplements seasonally

You body has different dietary requirements in winter and summer. From immune system support to bulking supplements, consider what your body needs most at different times of the year. By considering the seasonal requirements of your body, you'll save money on nutrition your body doesn't need, as well as more effectively meeting your goals. For example, Bupa says those who take Vitamin D in the winter can give it a break during the sunnier summer months.

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Ask the diet & nutrition experts

Head in-store to get the opinion of an expert before making your purchase! If you have a general idea of the problems you'd like to address, you can get personalised vitamin recommendations. Or maybe you've got a new fitness goal you'd like to reach by the end of the year? Experts in building tone and muscle will be able to point you in the direction of the creatine, protein or pre-workout that's the best for you.

Join a loyalty scheme or subscription

If your favourite supplier has a loyalty scheme, you could collect points on each purchase. As a regular buyer, these points will quickly turn into savings and discounts on your most used products. Subscriptions are also a great option that mean you'll never run out. For a monthly fee you'll get benefits like free delivery or a discount code valid on all your orders.

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