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A penny. Doesn't seem like a lot, eh? But if you're anything like us you probably make hundreds of pointless internet searches a day. Why do flamingos stand on one leg? When is pancake day? Who created the days of the week? Make your pointless internet searches count.

Sign up, support a charity, and set Savoo as your default search engine. Watch your free donations stack up and start giving back at no extra cost or effort to you.

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Savoo loves giving back to charity

As well as our snazzy search engine and online fundraising platform to help you give back, we love doing our bit for charity too. From hosting our very own office bake off to getting down and dirty cleaning out animal shelters, we're all for rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in.

Check out our Cheap Living, Smart Giving blog for a look at some of our other volunteering ventures. You'll also find tons of handy money-saving advice and budget-friendly life hacks to keep more cash in your pocket. Discover unmissable competitions and take a closer look at the charities we work with. Find more smart ways to give while sticking to a budget with our handy tips and tricks.

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