Flights FAQs

ᐅ What are the best deals on flights right now?

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ᐅ Which airlines offer the cheapest tickets?

Flight prices vary according to the duration, destination, seat class, and other similar factors. To discover the cheapest fares for your particular journey use a flights comparison site or Google Flights to compare, then set up a price alert to find out when tickets fall into your budget. Once you've chosen your airline you can make your cheap tickets even more affordable by picking up a discount code from Savoo.

ᐅ What is the cheapest day to fly on?

According to FareCompare, the cheapest days to travel in 2023 will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Aim to book your departing flight on one of these days, and if you can stay a whole week you could stand to save even more on your return flight.

ᐅ What are the most affordable flight destinations?

The most affordable holiday destinations change all the time due to current events, the weather and COVID-19 restrictions. Check out our article on the cheapest all-inclusive holiday destinations in 2023 to get inspired.

ᐅ How can I find cheap flights?

Have a read of our Savings Secrets and Top 10 Tips for Cheap Flights here on our Flights category page. You can also save by picking up a discount code at any one of the UK's top airline companies including easyJet, Jet2 and British Airways here at Savoo.

ᐅ Are last minute flights really cheaper?

In some instances, yes! For short flights on "affordable" airlines, the upfront prices will be the cheapest and they will rise in price as you get closer to the departure date. In contrast, more expensive or long haul flights will get cheaper as the date approaches.

How to save money on flights

Besides pickling up a discount code from Savoo, there are plenty of smart tips and tricks to save money on your flights. While flying can be expensive and those working with a small budget might think holidays are off the table for the year, some of these industry hacks can really make a difference and put a vacation back on the table.

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1. Take only hand luggage

While luggage is only responsible for a fraction of your holiday costs, you can still make big savings by being careful about the smaller expenses. Instead of paying for hold luggage, pack smart and compact where you can by only taking hand luggage. For more tips on how to pack light, check out our blog by fashion expert, Alexandra Fullerton, on "how to pack the ultimate holiday wardrobe".

2. Choose two singles from two providers

You might just find a cheaper flight at a more compatible time with your itinerary by being open and flexible with your providers. By using a comparison site like Expedia, Kayak, or Skyscanner, you can compare the rates of multiple providers at once and choose the best fares for you.

Man on a British Airways holiday with a suitcase

3. Travel mid week

You may have noticed that flights on popular travel days around the weekend are priced higher than those in the middle of the week. By extending the dates of your holiday from Friday - Monday to Thursday - Tuesday you'll be able to fly both ways at a lower rate: resulting in big savings overall!

4. Clear browser cookies

Cookies are placed on your computer every time you visit a website, in order to understand your browser behaviour. Flight providers can use these to understand that you intend to make a booking, and will bump up the prices accordingly. By removing these cookies from your browser, you can check out multiple flight options from a provider without seeing the price jump up at every click!

5. Search and book all tickets on one computer

Thanks to supply and demand, if you and your friends are all online looking at the same flight using different computers, you'll soon find the prices start to climb. By ensuring only one of you is checking prices and making the booking, you can avoid this sort of demand-based price increase.

6. Book in advance

While some fares will get more affordable as last-minute deals, some flights actually become more expensive, according to Guardian Money. Airlines that sell their tickets at a low cost make them more expensive towards the departure date, where long-haul and more costly flights will become cheaper. If you can, wait to book your flights out of Europe until around four weeks before departure!

7. Split your tickets

Just like splitting train fares, you can split longer flights up into smaller chunks using this travel hack. If you need to factor in a stop-off, check to see whether the second half of your journey could be done cheaper with a different provider. It might be tempting to book your whole journey with the same airline, but doing so could see you missing out on some serious savings - it's always worth checking!

8. Join the company loyalty scheme

For some seriously wallet-friendly flights, join the loyalty schemes of any major flight provider from British Airways to Emirates. The more you fly, the more air miles you'll earn, and you'll also enjoy other small perks designed to help you save.

The wing of a Jet2 plane

9. Fly from a different airport

Flight prices vary depending on which airport you're flying from and to. Check out some other airports in the area and see whether taking a train to a different airport could save you a pound or two.

10. Set up price alerts

Get alerts sent to your phone for price drops says Naomi Hahn, the VP of Strategy at Skyscanner. If you set up Google Alerts on your phone, you'll receive a notification once prices fall within your budget. Not only will this save you hours of searching, it'll mean that you never miss a price drop on any airline.