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Donate to Orchid Male Cancer with Numan this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we’re partnering with Orchid and Numan to raise awareness for National Impotence Day and men’s health issues.

From the 14th to the 20th of February, you can help us raise a flat £5 donation on every Numan sale to Orchid Male Cancer in the bid to raise money for pioneering research and support services provided by the charity.

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  1. Did you know…
  2. About Orchid
  3. About National Impotence Day

Whether you want to give a man in your life some support through men’s health products or you’re looking for something to help your own health this Valentine’s Day, we have an exclusive Numan discount code, providing 75% off your first Numan order - making it the perfect time to test the water on Impotence Day.

Every time you purchase a product from Numan during the campaign period, you’ll be helping to raise crucial financial support for Orchid that will go towards funding medical research - without the donations raised costing you a penny more!

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Did you know…

National Impotence Day falls on Valentine’s Day each year, serving to draw attention to the urological condition that men often find difficult or embarrassing to discuss.

Erectile dysfunction is known and understood to make someone unable to develop and maintain an erection for sexual activity, which can regularly happen post-treatment for male cancer .

For those struggling with Impotence (erectile dysfunction), Valentine’s Day can understandably be a difficult time. Whether erectile dysfunction is affecting your relationship with a sexual partner or impacting your confidence and mental health - together, Numan and Orchid are campaigning for a safe space for men to discuss these issues, as well as access support materials and trial treatments.

About Orchid

Each year in the UK, over 55,000 men are diagnosed with prostate, testicular or penile cancer. Orchid exists to save these men’s lives and continue to support them following treatment - helping men understand any changes to their bodies that may occur post-treatment while ensuring they never feel alone throughout the process.

“At Orchid, we want to support you in every way we can."

Orchid’s support methods include:

  1. 1. Education & health awareness programmes and wellness sessions to ensure men of all ages are well informed and equipped to understand and spot the signs and symptoms of male cancers.
  2. 2. A national male cancer helpline - available Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9am - 5:30pm. You can use the helpline to speak to one of Orchid’s specialist male cancer nurses for advice and support by calling: 0808 802 0010 or emailing
  3. 3. Orchid also provides a portfolio of evidence-based publications, all developed to support patients, families and healthcare professionals in understanding the three male cancers and any issues concerning the diagnosis and treatment.
  4. 4. Plus, so much more!

About National Impotence Day

Erectile dysfunction is thought to affect as many as 1 in 10 men. Despite being so common, there is little awareness about National Impotence Day (often overshadowed by the more commercial Valentine’s Day) and erectile dysfunction itself - resulting in isolation, poor mental health, and often, a lack of awareness about underlying health problems.

While erectile dysfunction can be a natural part of ageing, it can also happen post-cancer treatment, or be a symptom of another more serious condition like heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes. Men suffering from common mental health conditions like anxiety and depression may also be at risk of erectile dysfunction.

Numan provides digital healthcare for men, allowing common male health issues like erectile dysfunction to be treated discreetly and professionally. Qualified clinicians from Numan offer free online consultations for men: from sexual health to hair health, and nutritional health to general wellbeing.

Whether you or your partner is dealing with erectile dysfunction because of your physical or mental health - there’s no need to keep quiet! Reach out to Numan this National Impotence Day to take back control of your wellbeing with 75% off blood tests, treatments, and supplements through Savoo’s exclusive discount code.

With every order you’ll be raising money for Orchid Male Cancer and helping support men’s wellbeing across the UK.