Ed Fleming

Ed Fleming

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As a Savoo Deal Expert

Ed Fleming is the Managing Director here at Savoo. He runs the company from the office in London and internationally. He also works closely with our colleagues in the USA at Savings.com on strategy, product development, HR and ensuring Savoo is getting the best deals and voucher codes possible for you, the savvy shopper.

Outside of work Ed plays golf, watches cricket (he says he can't play anymore as he's too old - we think that's an excuse!). He also loves cooking and drinking the best wine he can afford.

Ed's money saving secrets

Ed loves a good deal and will always do his best to get the best price. Here's his top tips on saving money on your online shopping;

"only buy things you really need as even a great saving on something you don't need isn't really a saving. My other top tip is bulk buying. If you find a great deal on items you need everyday, buy as much as you can afford at a reduced price."

Fun fact about Ed

"I love Larry David and religiously watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. So when I'm visiting colleagues in Los Angeles I always try and see if I can go to Larry's office to spot him, but have never succeeded. I know, that is a bit stalkery! But recently I spotted him when I was having dinner and pretended I'd left something at my table so I could go back and take a photo of him. Pretty, pretty, pretty good, eh?!"