Theatre FAQs

ᐅ What are the best theatre ticket vouchers?

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ᐅ Where can I find the best discounted theatre tickets?

Right here on Savoo! Check out the latest discounts on theatre tickets. Each code is tried and tested so you know you're getting the best deal possible, no matter what you're going to see.

ᐅ Are discounted theatre tickets legit?

If you get them from a verified source, then yes! You run the risk of purchasing scam tickets when purchasing from a third-party source, so we recommend visiting the theatre website itself, or check here on Savoo for active and verified theatre ticket discounts.

ᐅ Can I get a refund or exchange on my discounted theatre ticket?

If your ticket was bought direct from the vendor with buyer protection, then yes! Tickets with buyer protection allow you to reschedule in the event you become unwell or have a change of plans. Be sure to check the T&Cs on your ticket, or call the theatre box office to confirm this.

ᐅ What are the best West End theatre shows to watch?

Some of the most popular theatre shows are The Lion King, Mamma Mia, Hamilton, Wicked, Mary Poppins, Swan Lake, War Horse, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. These star-spangled and multi-award-winning shows are certainly not to be missed.

ᐅ What deals can I find on theatre tickets?

Theatres offer all kinds of deals on their shows. Whether it's a kids go half-price scheme, 2 for 1 theatre tickets, or special non-refundable rates: you're guaranteed to find a way to make your ticket more affordable.

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How to save money on theatre tickets

A collage of theatre posters from & Juliet, the Woman in Black, Wicked, back to the Future, The Great Gatsby, Frozen, Blithe Spirit and Witness for the Prosecution

Last-minute theatre ticket deals

When shows don't sell out, you'll find that the final tickets are put on sale a day or two before the performance. If you don't mind your trip being a little spontaneous, keep your eye on popular ticket websites like SeeTickets and Ticketmaster for discounts on everything from West End musicals to low-key Soho cabaret. You can also check out dedicated theatre ticket websites: ATG Tickets, London Theatre Direct or From the Box Office.

Pick the affordable theatre seats

Most theatre booking sites have a seating chart that indicate the ticket price in a handy colour-code. Not only should this chart help you quickly find the best tickets within your price range, it should also give you an idea of how far you'll be from the stage, and what your view will be like. The staggered nature of theatre seating means even those right at the back will have a good view of the stage, so don't feel you need to spend extra to be those few rows closer!

Seating chart for the London National Theatre displaying the good view seats in green, and poorer view seats in yellow

Best time to go to the theatre

There's some variation in the most popular theatre times that is mostly dependent on the intended audience. For example, an adult show might sell out quicker on a weekday evening, and a kids' show is most likely going to be full during the day on a weekend. However, it's largely agreed upon that no matter who the audience, the quietest times to go to the theatre are:

  • Tuesday: 12-4
  • Wednesday: 12-4
  • Thursday: 12-4

Not only are you likely to get a chair to put your bag on at these times, you may also find the tickets are slightly cheaper due to reduced demand.

Theatre food: why is it so expensive?

Our top recommendation for a budget-friendly trip to the theatre is to eat a meal and have a glass of water before you arrive. "Concessions" (the bar at the back of the theatre that serves snacks) are designed to be expensive, since theatre goers have no other option but to purchase food and drink there. You'll find inflation on everything, from the little bags of popcorn to the alcoholic beverages. Despite how delicious they are, you can save a bunch of money this way and put it toward your next trip to the theatre.