The Big Issue Foundation supports over 1,000 Big Issue vendors every year with many important aspects of their lives including housing, health, financial inclusion, education & training, and their aspirations. This is achieved by getting to know the vendors and supporting them to share specific issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

The Big Issue Foundation supports vendors across the country with the Vendor Support Fund. This helps provide Big Issue vendors with the extra financial support needed in times of crisis and hardship.

Big Issue vendors are micro-entrepreneurs that have chosen to work themselves out of poverty by selling the magazine. They buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell it on for £2.50. The Big Issue Foundation also helps each vendor maximise their sales of The Big Issue magazine.

Where does your donation go?

The Big Issue Foundation does not receive funding from the magazine and is 100% reliant on donations. Here are some ways your support can help:

£5 could pay a vendor's travel to a doctors appointment or an interview

£12 could pay for a card reader, allowing a vendor to take contactless payments

£85 could enable a vendor to get a passport giving them Photo ID

£100 could pay for a very helpful starter pack for a new home - including kitchen essentials

The Big Impact

In 2018-19, The Big Issue Foundation was able to support 1,246 Big Issue vendors to become financially independent and overcome social exclusion. This is thanks to the donations and support of the public.

This led to a total of 596 positive outcomes. Each individual set themselves personal targets, the same as we all do at work.

Here are some of the inspiring stories from the valuable work The Big Issue Foundation does:

130 Big Issue vendors were able to improve their budgeting skills, manage their money, open bank accounts and address underlying debt issues.

75 vendors were able to explore future career opportunities by adding to their CVs, and taking advice on preparing for interviews and job searching

56 Big Issue vendors were supported to access safe and secure accommodation and prevented future homelessness through ongoing support

57 Big Issue vendors were supported to reconnect with family and achieve other personal aspirations.

Get involved

Taking part in or organising your own fundraising events is a great way to have fun whilst donating to a charity or cause you deeply care about.

The Big Issue Foundation has many events you can take part in, most notably The Big London Night Walk , which two Savoo-ers have taken part in in the past. A 20km walk through London at night, stopping off in various locations to listen to Big Issue vendors talk about the experiences, and having the chance to speak to current homeless people makes it is truly a fantastic experience, aches and pains aside. You get a glimpse of what some Big Issue vendors go through every night, and something Adam and Flora would recommend to anyone. Have a read through our blog post about it so you know what to expect.

Gifts in kind such as your time and expertise are extremely valuable to a charity, as it helps make organising events such as the Night Walk a lot easier. There are opportunities to help in the office, or help make events run smoothly by being there to answer questions or point people in the right direction. A great place to start is the volunteering section of their website.


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