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As part of our Christmas campaign, every time you shop at Savoo using any discount code or deal during the week of the 13th - 19th December, we’ll donate 10% of our revenue to Diabetes UK at no extra cost to you! All you need to do is save with Savoo on the week before Christmas to make a difference to those living with and or risk of diabetes.

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Christmas can be a challenging time for those living with diabetes, so here at Savoo, we're doing everything in our power to make sure everyone gets to experience the magic of Christmas. Diabetes UK is the country's leading charity for research, support, advice and change, for those living with and at risk of diabetes and this Christmas, help us raise extra funds to support their incredible work for free.

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What will Diabetes UK be doing in the lead-up to Christmas?

As a charity, Diabetes UK's vision is to help create a world where diabetes can do no harm, and to help people live well and longer with diabetes and to prevent or cure diabetes which is one of the UK's growing health crises. In a bid to tackle diabetes, the charity recognises that one of the most powerful tools for living a healthy and happy life with diabetes is having access to a wealth of knowledge.

Christmas is associated with all kinds of special occasion foods and treats, unique to the festive season. As Christmas is a time for celebration, it's only natural to enjoy yourself by making the most of the delicious food and drink that comes with the time of year. All the traditional Christmas treats we've come to know and love are typically higher in saturated fat, sugars and salt, so people living with diabetes may find it harder to manage their diabetes over Christmas.

In the lead-up to Christmas, Diabetes UK offers more support for people living with diabetes in the form of Learning Zone food hacks, balance articles and Christmas-related web content. Learning Zone is an online platform for free tailored advice and tips for managing diabetes. The charity encourages people living with diabetes to make the most of the different courses, videos, quizzes and interactive tools to learn more about how simple changes to your food choices can make a big difference to your diabetes. Members of Diabetes UK can also benefit from exclusive expert advice in the quarterly editions of Balance Magazine. The magazine is full of useful articles covering everything from recipes, campaign updates and workout tips.

Without the support of donations and volunteers, Diabetes UK wouldn't be able to offer help to the thousands of people with diabetes contacting them, spending time campaigning for safe workplaces for people living with diabetes or having enough funds to invest in industry-leading research.

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How does the Christmas season impact your support and advice work at Diabetes UK that is different to the rest of the year?

Diabetes UK recognises that Christmas is about enjoying yourself, and many foods we often don't eat all year round make an appearance throughout the festive season.

The charity provides a wide range of support, advice and even festive-themed recipes around Christmas to help people enjoy the season while making healthier choices as much as possible. The website is full of handy tips, catered to those celebrating Christmas at home or eating out, as well as information on alcohol and more.

Whether you're managing diabetes yourself or know someone close to you who is, why not try a healthier Diabetes UK recipe - such as the classic Christmas pudding, to help make festive favourites more accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

What do donations and volunteer hours mean to Diabetes UK at Christmas? What’s something great that Diabetes UK has achieved with the help of donations and volunteers?

Donations and volunteers form the backbone of Diabetes UK, and the charity wouldn't be able to achieve the life-changing work they do without support. Thanks to the incredible amount of donations and volunteer hours, the charity can continue to fund ground-breaking research into new treatments and cures, campaign for improved care and be there every day to offer support services for people living with diabetes.

Diabetes UK has also created a supportive environment for conversation and raising awareness on their online forum, sharing advice and experience. So far, there have been over 1 million posts, with 23,268 people involved! Plus, in the hopes of preventing type 2 diabetes, the charity has developed the 'Know your Risk' tool in collaboration with Leicester University and the University Hospitals of Leicester to calculate your future risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. With over 2.25 Million completions currently, Diabetes UK not only supports those living with diabetes but also works to prevent it, thanks to the vital help of donations and volunteers.

To get involved in the festive spirit this year, you can also visit the Diabetes UK Christmas shop to buy cards and gifts to support the charity. All profits from sales will help people living with diabetes, live well daily

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What are your goals and resolutions for New Year 2022?

Diabetes UK is constantly fighting for a world where diabetes causes no harm, and that is the aim that underpins the charity, what they do and how they operate. Did you know that one in 15 people is currently living with diabetes, and someone is diagnosed with the condition every two minutes?

In 2022, Diabetes UK will continue working towards their long term goals of helping to develop a cure or prevent the condition. They will also make sure that fewer people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, or more people will be in remission from type 2 diabetes if they have already developed the condition. Diabetes UK will continue to place importance on ensuring people can access high-quality care so they can learn to manage their diabetes, in the hopes of creating confident individuals, able to live their lives to the fullest - even on Christmas day!

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Your help, whether through donations or volunteer hours, can make life-changing differences to people living with diabetes. If you're feeling charitable this Christmas, head to Savoo just before the big day, from the 13th - 19th December, to get involved. You can use any discount code or deal on the website to donate, and a penny more won't leave your pocket - so nothing is holding you back from supporting Diabetes UK this Christmas! Why not browse our Christmas deals during the week if you're a last-minute shopper?

You can raise money for free and help us change the future for people living with diabetes by shopping with Savoo all year round when you register for an account and choose to support Diabetes UK. Find out more about the charity on the Diabetes UK charity page.

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