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Donate to Rainforest Trust UK this Earth Day 2022 with Suttons

To support Earth Day, Savoo will be donating 2% of retail revenue to the Rainforest Trust when you use the our Suttons discount code to claim an Exclusive 10% off all seeds

Simply add the code to your basket at checkout during the qualifying period to trigger a donation that will not cost you a penny.

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Savoo supports Rainforest Trust

Update: By saving and raising, your donations helped us support The Rainforest Trust to protect a whopping 240 acres of rainforest this Earth Day! This success for the rainforest couldn't have been done without you, so thank you.

Read on to find out what the campaign was all about.

The Rainforest Trust certificate of fundraising

Friday 22nd April sees the return of the annual Earth Day. Here at Savoo we’re on a mission to raise awareness of this important event by partnering with Rainforest Trust UK and Suttons, the internationally renowned supplier of flower and vegetable seeds, young plants, bulbs and a whole host of other products for gardeners.

Earth Day 2022 Raise a Donation for Rainforest Trust

While Earth Day may be a global event, there are lots of little things we can do to make a difference to our immediate surroundings. Spending time in gardens and other outdoor places has long been known to support mental health, but the benefits don’t stop there. Planting selected seeds can help to encourage bees and other beneficial insects to visit your green spaces, which in turn has a knock on effect to the wider ecosystem.


  1. What is Earth Day?
  2. About Rainforest Trust UK
  3. About Suttons

What is Earth Day?

1970 saw the first Earth Day take place in the USA, marking the birth of the modern environmental movement. With an ambitious aim to educate the world about the damage being done by smoke and sludge being belched out by modern industry. While pockets of the population had environmental concerns, the stage was set for a larger discussion across the continent, and very soon the world.

Today, Earth Day is sadly needed as much as ever. With a real emphasis on urgency, our Earth is at a tipping point when it comes to the ravages of climate change. But all is not lost! The citizens of the world expect better from their governments and big business, resulting in Earth Day becoming the largest secular observance in the world.

We all can play a part in making the future a better place to live in, an ambition shared by Suttons.

About Rainforest Trust UK

Rainforest Trust UK is a highly respected British charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales. They do important work helping to protect tropical forests and endangered wildlife through supporting local and community organisations in and around some of the most ecologically vulnerable places in the world.

Raise a Donation for Rainforest Trust

"Rainforest Trust UK enables people in the United Kingdom to donate to Rainforest Trust projects around the world, while still taking advantage of UK tax benefits."

  • 50% of the world’s biodiversity is found in rainforests
  • Forest ecosystems absorb roughly 2 billion tons of CO2 each year
  • 38M acres protected around the globe
  • 80,000 acres of rainforest disappear each day - twice the size of San Francisco

100% of donations made to Rainforest Trust UK contribute towards conservation of the Earth’s rainforests. With your support they aim to permanently lock up 15 billion tons of carbon by 2025, while also safeguarding over half the world’s animal species and the livelihoods of indigenous peoples.

Find out more about Rainforest Trust UK

About Suttons

With a history that stretches back over two centuries, Suttons has built up a reputation for quality and service in the horticultural industry. Since 1858 they have held the esteemed honour of the Royal warrant for supplying the Royal households with seeds.

Such extensive knowledge and experience means that Suttons are ideally placed to support this year’s Earth Day. With an ethically sustainable, socially responsive and environmentally sustainable approach to everyday operations, the company has made great strides in producing high quality products while limiting the detriment to the environment. A few examples being going 100% peat free at their nursery in Devon and introducing ambitious targets to reduce the amount of plastic used across the company.

Their Pollinators and Predators collection is especially note-worthy because it includes seeds for bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. You can get Earth Day planting for less when using our Exclusive 10% off all seeds voucher code for Suttons, while at the same time helping to support the Rainforest Trust UK via a donation from Savoo.

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