Rainforest Trust has been protecting rainforests since 1988. They have already placed over 37 million acres of threatened habitat under permanent protection. The charity operates through community engagements and local partnerships to achieve its mission. Rainforest Trust purchases and protects land, turning it into private nature reserves to preserve habitats for species and the home of communities who rely on the area for fresh water and food supplies.

What makes Rainforest Trust different?

Rainforest Trust has a unique and cost-effective model that has helped the charity protect and preserve 34 million acres, 23.5 billion trees, 345 endangered mammals, 467 birds and 250 amphibians. With these numbers growing each day, Rainforest Trust is committed to long-term sustainable results. The charity has been successful for over 30 years, saving more tropical ecosystems every single year.

Rainforest Trust works with local partners and communities to achieve this mission. The support of expert conservationists and participation from locals allows the charity to implement fast-acting results.

Did you know...

  • One of the most important and cost-effective ways to prevent species extinction, support indigenous people and combat the climate emergency starts with protecting rainforests.

  • On average, it costs Rainforest Trust £1.60 to protect an acre of rainforest. So, your donations could help save so many acres!

  • Despite their vital importance for life on Earth, rainforests are still getting destroyed at a rate of 70,000 acres every day.

  • Partnering with trusted local NGOs and indigenous communities allows Rainforest Trust to secure long-lasting protection for rainforests and other tropical ecosystems.

How your donations can help

Your donations from Savoo.co.uk will help fight climate change by protecting the world’s most important tropical forests. By safeguarding forests that cost-effectively store and sequester vast quantities of carbon, with your help, Rainforest Trust aims to lock up 15 billion tonnes of carbon by 2025. If we work to halt the damage of tropical deforestation now, the severity of net global emissions could decrease by 50% by 2050.

Other ways to show your support

There are so many ways to get involved in Rainforest Trust by taking action to protect our planet's critical ecosystems. The charity relies on supporters donations and their help towards preserving precious land.

You can make a one-off donation to Rainforest Trust via methods, including the online form, PayPal, mail, phone and more. If you want to be a regular supporter, you can join the monthly giving network to play a role in supporting urgent conservation work.

Order personalised Gift Certificates for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any other special occasion. You can even choose which project you’d like to support! Follow the instructions on the charity’s donate page.

Show your support with a Rainforest Trust t-shirt, jumper, bag or hoodie. A portion of each purchase goes to Rainforest Trust UK.

Fundraise for Rainforest Trust UK and inspire others to save rainforests too via our Just Giving page.

You can find all the information on the different ways to support the charity on their Get Involved tab on the Rainforest Trust website.


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