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Charity of the Week: Donate to Save the Children 22nd - 28th April

You can support our drive to raise money for Save the Children Week this April. The Children's Rights charity has helped 45 million children worldwide get the medicine, good food and education they need. Months of unrelenting fighting and deprivation in Gaza have left thousands of children dead, while those who survive face continued war, siege, hunger, and unimaginable loss.

Savoo will donate 10% of revenue to Save the Children for every discount code or deal you claim when shopping online. Donating to the charity won't cost you anything extra, and you'll probably pick up a saving too!

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Savoo supports Save the Children

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Childhood should be a carefree time of happiness, play and learning. But for many children in the UK and across the world, the innocence of childhood is stolen by natural disasters, war, poverty, and abuse. The conflict in Gaza has presented Save the Children with many urgent challenges. The charity supplies essentials to Gaza, but the lack of food, water, and medicine makes survival nearly impossible. After over 6 months of siege and bombing, almost all of Gaza’s children are at imminent risk of famine and mental health trauma. Save the Children’s new campaign is Lasting Change, Starts Here, and its focus is to help women in some of the most dangerous places to give birth.

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Since the massive earthquakes that hit Türkiye and Syria in February 2023, Save the Children has helped over 980,000 people, including over 500,000 children. The response work has included repairing schools, providing cash transfers, and conducting vocational training for families. Save the Children has also helped more than 2.6 million people (including more than 1.1 million children) since the conflict began in Ukraine over 2 years ago. They will continue to support children and families caught up in this conflict for as long as they need to recover and rebuild their lives.

If action is not taken, more children will die unnecessarily, go hungry, miss out on school and never get the chance to reach their potential. The annual Save the Children Week is an opportunity to spotlight everything the charity does to make the world a better place for children everywhere. By supporting Save the Children on Savoo, you can help children affected by the Gaza crisis and worldwide disasters.

About Save the Children

Initially formed to help improve the lives of European children in the aftermath of the First World War, Save the Children is a non-government-operated or funded organisation with a presence in more than 100 countries. From helping children stay safe and healthy to financing education and tackling more significant societal problems, every child has unique needs supported by the charity.

Within hours of a disaster, Save the Children can roll out a response that will target at-risk children and help save lives. Their Children’s Emergency Fund (CEF) allows them to support children in places like Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Türkiye and Syria through local teams and partners. Every donation to this fund allows them to provide responsive and lifesaving support wherever the need is greatest at any one time. With a funding target of more than £94 million this year, Save the Children aims to help more than 1 million people in Ukraine and more than 55,000 in Poland.

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Save the Children also supports children and families in the UK. Sadly, 30% of children in the UK live in poverty, with most of them falling behind in education and many missing expected levels of language development by the age of 5. The cost-of-living crisis is only making things more complicated, so the presence of Save the Children is essential in helping to fund community projects and support volunteers with the tools they need to make a difference. Save the Children has also supported families in recent years through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ways that you can help Save the Children

With so many children needing help, comprehending how to make a difference can be challenging. While it's true that there are no easy fixes, there are small things that we can do to support Save the Children in delivering help where and when it's needed. You can donate yourself or let Savoo donate on your behalf with this charity of our week promotion. You could also consider the following.

1. While you may be familiar with Save the Children charity shops on the high street, it’s worth remembering that there is an online shop with many charming gifts. From kitchenware to stationery and shopper bags, it’s super easy to support the charity while also getting your hands on charming products that everybody will love.

2. If challenging yourself appeals, why not start your own fundraising event? You can do many things to create opportunities to collect donations, like a walking challenge or a charity bike ride. You can also make a difference for children worldwide in a less energetic way through social events like bake sales and quiz nights that will get the community involved.

3. If you're in a position to offer hands-on support, you could become a volunteer. Join thousands of other volunteers nationwide, ensuring that children are fed and cared for. Whether helping out in Save the Children shops, participating in local fundraising groups, or working in offices or from home, there are roles to suit everyone, regardless of experience.

4. Thinking about one's mortality is never pleasant, but leaving a gift in your will could be a fitting legacy. Your selfless act will create endless possibilities for children, ensuring a better future. The charity has developed a free-will-writing guide to make the process less daunting. You can also give in memory of someone you love as an enduring tribute to their life.

Cosatto is supporting Save the Children

Cosatto has everything you need to keep your little one safe, secure and sleeping soundly. The brand supports Save the Children’s attempts to aid mothers and save the lives of children whose lives have been savaged by war, disaster, or financial despair.

Claim an exclusive 10% off orders over £300 at Cosatto from 22nd to 28th April, and you will unlock an extra 3% donation to Save the Children at the same time.

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Savoo supports Save the Children

Savoo will donate 10% of our revenue obtained from organic channels on every discount code or deal redeemed to Save the Children from the 1st to 30th of April 2024. You can raise even more money for the charity by setting up a Savoo account and selecting Save the Children as your chosen charity. You can then watch your free donations for the charity build-up every time you save money online shopping at Savoo.