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Donate to Save the Children this Christmas, FREE, and save money with Savoo discount codes

Welcome to week 3 of Savoo’s Caring Christmas! Our charity of the week is Save the Children: a charity working both within the UK and internationally to improve the education, health and wellbeing of children. Every purchase made using a Savoo discount code this week (27th November - 3rd December) will raise donations at no extra cost to you. Simply choose a code, place your order, and we will donate 10% of our commission to Save the Children.

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Update: Thanks to the Savoo team's participation in Save The Children's Christmas Jumper day we raised an additional £113 for our Caring Christmas campaign! We couldn't have done any of this without you, so thank you.

Read on to find out what the campaign was all about.

Certificate from Save The Children confirming Savoo's participation in Christmas Jumper day having raised £113

Support Save the Children with Savoo

This Christmas we’re dedicated to supporting the 30% of UK children living in poverty, by raising money for Save the Children. During the winter months, children in poverty miss out even more due to the high costs of heating a home and the school holidays meaning many miss out on their free school meals. With the emergence of warm banks, the 11% rise in families with children using food banks since 2022, and 45% of global child deaths linked to malnutrition: it is clear that Save the Children’s work is more vital than ever.

Last year Save the Children reached 33 million children with their “Child Health and Nutrition" programme, and your donations this year could help them top that total. We’re making 10% donations on all our commission this week so the more you save, the more you help raise!

Sign up to support Save the Children

Show your support for the charity by selecting any code from Savoo and applying it to your online basket. A donation will be made to Save the Children on your behalf without costing you anything extra. Want to support Save the Children all year round? Create a Savoo account and Select Save the Children as your chosen charity. Then, every time you redeem a promotion from Savoo, you can watch your donations build up for them.

Are you running a special campaign for Christmas 2023, and what are your priorities?

Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day is back on Thursday the 7th of December. That’s when (almost) everyone in the whole entire country will wear their most Christmassy jumper, have loads of fun and donate £2 to Save the Children.

This year, Save the Children is celebrating its TWELFTH Christmas Jumper Day, having raised an incredible £35 million since it all began in 2012. Over the years, these funds have enabled Save the Children to invest in some incredible projects to improve the lives of children in the UK and around the world.

Keen to join in for a great cause? It couldn’t be simpler to take part. Sign up your school, workplace or family and friend group and Save the Children will send you a free fundraising pack with all the information you need to help you and your team have the best day EVER! Then on Thursday 7th December, simply put on your favourite festive jumper and donate £2 to Save the Children. You don’t even need to buy a new jumper – just grab any old thing from the back of the cupboard and cover it with stickers, tinsel, glitter and baubles. You’ll look woolly wonderful, and you’ll save some pennies too.

Sign up now for the most fun, festive day of the year. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this!

DIY Christmas jumper ideas
Image of children on Christmas Jumper Day

Is the Cost of Living crisis still having an impact on demand for help/fundraising?

Families we work with tell us they’re already struggling with the high costs of childcare and are now finding it hard to put petrol in the car and buy food. Some parents are skipping their own meals to put their children first, and within the home it's a constant battle to try and save electricity. No child should pay the price of the cost of living crisis - but 30% of children in the UK live in poverty.

In England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, we work to narrow the gap between children in poverty and better-off classmates. We're uniting families and schools, ensuring the poorest children get help, building positive home environments and campaigning for children's futures. Our emergency grants programme has reached thousands of homes, delivering early learning packs, supermarket vouchers and household essentials to the most vulnerable families!

Does the festive period present any unique challenges for Save the Children?

Christmas can often be a particularly stressful time for families on low incomes and at Save the Children we are warning that this year will be particularly difficult, since parents are struggling with the rising cost of living.

Parents who cited concerns about being able to afford Christmas presents for their children this year said they would have to make the following compromises in order to afford their children’s presents:

• Nearly a quarter (23%) said they would have to use a credit card

• Almost 1 in 6 (16%) said they’ll have to keep the heating off when it’s cold

• More than 1 in 10 (12%) will have to sell or pawn something

• More than 1 in 10 (12%) will have to cut back on food for the rest of the winter

As Dan Paskins, Director of UK Impact at Save the Children, says: "We all want to create special memories with our loved ones this Christmas, particularly after all the stresses of the last few years.

But the cost-of-living crisis has left thousands of families struggling to afford even the basics, let alone their normal family Christmas. For many parents we work with, the painful reality of poverty is not being able to afford simple presents or treats for their children without taking on debt or cutting back on essentials like food and heating.

It's not right that we live in a society where so many people are locked into choices like these. We’ve welcomed measures by the government to help some families on low incomes keep more of their earnings, but such measures alone aren’t nearly enough."

Save the Children image
Save the Children image

What ambition does Save the Children have for the year ahead?

In 2024, Save the Children will continue to work with and for children to bring about lasting change in the UK and around the world.

We are tackling the triple threat of the climate crisis, conflict and COVID-19, and prioritising the rights of those children worst affected by inequality and discrimination. In the UK, we are focusing on children’s learning and practical support for families in poverty.

We will accelerate our impact by: Advocating, campaigning and mobilising for child rights Shifting power and resources to children, communities and local partners Creating shared-value partnerships that contribute impact, influence, income, engagement and skills Building a kind, inclusive and agile organisation Optimising and futureproofing our resources Embedding data-driven decision-making and enhancing our digital and technology skills

Our founder, Eglantyne Jebb, once said “Every generation of children offers mankind the possibility of rebuilding his ruin of a world". And we must use these words as a call to action.

“Together – with children, for children – we can make a better future possible." Gwen Hines, CEO of Save the Children.

From November 27th to the 3rd December Savoo will donate *10% of our organic revenue on every discount code to Save the Children.

Carry on making a difference and donating next week with a new featured charity on the way! Head back to Savoo on November 28th so you’re the first to know which charity we’ll be donating to next in the leadup to Christmas 2023.

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