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Stress Awareness Month - Donate to Mental Heath UK 15th - 28th April

Savoo is supporting Mental Health UK during Stress Awareness Month in April 2024. From maintaining a healthy work-life balance to navigating financial issues, many factors lead to stress in our busy lives. Stress is the body’s reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure, but it can eventually lead to further mental health problems. The charity Mental Health UK knows only too well the impact that stress has on mood, body and relationships, with millions of people across the UK requiring support every year.

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Savoo supports Mental Health UK

Everyone will have had first-hand experience with a stressful situation, so it’s not challenging to understand how strong and debilitating the feelings of stress can be. Research indicates that one in 14 UK adults has reported feeling stressed every day, while one in five people have said that they feel stressed on more days per month than they don’t. Because of persistently high levels of stress across the population, mental health experts theorise that we are now in the midst of a stress epidemic.

According to Statistica, the most common cause of stress is work-related stress, with 79% saying they frequently experience it. Long-term exposure to stress in your job can result in physical and emotional exhaustion, also known as burnout. Additionally, 60% report feeling monetary stress, while 48% experience family-related stress. Every day, Mental Health UK provide people suffering from stress and other mental health issues with the tools they need to live their best possible lives.

What is Stress Awareness Month?

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992. The event was created to increase public awareness about the causes and cures of stress. It's easy to find yourself overwhelmed and unable to cope when stress gets too much. Organisations like Mental Health UK share tips and coping strategies during the month-long event because minor changes can make all the difference!

Many aspects of life can induce stress, but there are plenty of tips and coping strategies to help you better manage your health and well-being. Many people don't realise how stressed they are, so recognising the signs is an excellent place to start. Physical symptoms include muscle aches, chest pains, and headaches, while emotional signs include irritability, restlessness, and feeling overwhelmed

Being open about how you're feeling with friends and family is essential, as is setting time aside for something you enjoy, whether exercise, hobbies or a social event. If you're worried about stress, Mental Health UK has help and information that will make all the difference during Stress Awareness Month and beyond.

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About Mental Health UK

Mental Health UK has supported people with mental health for over 50 years. They do this by delivering support and services to people facing some of the biggest mental health challenges in society. While stress is a mental health concern, it is not the only one. From depression to anxiety disorders and schizophrenia, there is a whole spectrum of mental health conditions that the charity supports.

Approximately 7.5 million people living in the UK have a diagnosed mental illness, but there are many more who suffer in silence. Mental Health UK aims to provide everyone with the necessary information, education and support regarding mental health issues. They deliver both national and local services in a person-centred and empathetic way. Mental Health UK also provides organisations with tools and support to improve mental health in the workplace.

The money raised by Mental Health UK from individuals and corporate partnerships helps to fund four partner charities: Rethink Mental Illness, Support in Mind Scotland, MindWise in Northern Ireland and Adferiad Recovery. You can continue to support Mental Health UK by creating a Savoo account and choosing them as your chosen charity. Then, when you claim a Savoo discount on your online shopping, they will earn more donations.

Brands supporting Mental Health UK

The following brands are partnering with Savoo during Stress Awareness Month. Redeem money-saving offers with these merchants before 28th April, and Savoo will donate to Mental Health UK without costing you anything extra.


KitchenAid has over a century of experience in producing kitchen appliances. All products share the same philosophy of professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design, from small gadgets like mixers and blenders to large appliances like refrigerators. Focussing your attention on an activity like baking can relieve stress because you’ll be less focused on everyday stressors.

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Bluebella has a body-positive approach to all of its garments. From lingerie and nightwear to swimwear and clothing, there are styles for every sort of woman. The brand believes that lingerie should be an expression of individual style and spirit. Body positivity, sensuality and intimacy can relieve stress and anxiety by triggering the release of positive hormones. Embrace the essence of femininity today!

You can pick up 10% savings with our exclusive Bluebella discount code. It’s valid on all full-price products and will also result in a charity donation until 28th April.


Silentnight stocks high-quality bedding items at affordable and competitive prices. As the UKs most trusted sleep brand, they provide solutions for every sleeper, including mattresses, beds and bedding. Whether twisters and turners or restless sleepers, poor sleep quality is associated with elevated stress levels, something that Silentnight has considered when designing their mattresses.

Enjoy a 15% discount when spending over £500 by redeeming our exclusive Silentnight discount code. Make a wise investment in your sleep and donate to Mental Health UK.

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Savoo will make a donation from revenue obtained from organic channels on every discount code or deal redeemed for our qualifying brands to Mental Health UK, from the 15th to the 28th of April 2024. 3% for KitchenAid, 2% for Bluebella and 5% for Silentnight