Mental Health UK offers support, information and advice for anyone affected by poor mental health.

With 1 in 4 people experiencing problems with their mental health, this organisation, which brings together the expertise of 4 mental health charities and over 40 year of experience, is doing vital work. Acting as a hub, connecting those in need with to the support they need manage metal health and money problems via it’s advice line, the first of its kind in the UK, face to face support groups and the helpful guides on the website.

How do donations help the chairty?

£5 could keep online resources up-to-date, so that people living with poor mental health who need support with legal problems can access our online letter templates.

£20 could hire a room for 2 hours, giving a new support group the chance to meet for the first time.

£50 could provide art materials to a support group, helping members relax, open up and build new friendships during art therapy sessions.

You might not know this...

Mental Health UK helps to support sufferers of mental illness by giving them the information and support they need.

The charity runs a variety of volunteer-led support groups offering a chance to talk about their issues, get support and even take part in activities known to help mental health sufferers such as gardening.

Mental Health UK’s ‘On The Inside’ information guides have been used by over 5 million people, helping them to deal with the issues they face.

Key dates for the calendar...

18- 24 May - Mental Health awareness Week

10th October - World Mental Health Day

How to go the extra mile!

Due to the nature of what Mental Health UK does, there aren’t any volunteering opportunities available currently. However, there’s always the chance to organise a fundraiser, or to take part in events such as the London Marathon on behalf of Mental Health UK - helping them to raise vital donation in order to continue the good work. Other ways to help is by sharing the charity’s social media posts and signing up to the newsletter.


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Contact Number

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