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About Mental Health UK

  • With 1 in 4, or roughly, 7.5 million people experiencing problems with their mental health, Mental Health UK offers support, information and advice for anyone affected by poor mental health.
  • The charity provides a range of support services for people affected with mental health issues caused by societal challenges, such as money problems as an estimated 50% of people in the UK are in debt.
  • They aim to help and give people the tools to find the right support services for them, help people better understand mental health - removing stigma and increasing awareness.
  • Mental Health UK focuses particular importance on young people as 75% of mental health issues start before someone's 18th birthday. The charity provides young people programmes that help equip 14-18 year-olds with the tools and knowledge to manage and maintain their mental health as they progress.
  • The charity runs a variety of volunteer-led support groups offering a chance to talk about their issues, get support and even take part in activities known to help mental health sufferers, such as gardening.
  • Mental Health UK’s information guides have been used by over 5 million people, helping them to deal with the issues they face.

How to raise free donations for Mental Health UK

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Signing up to support Mental Health UK with Savoo

Learn more about Mental Health UK and how you can support the charity

Sign up to Savoo and raise free donations to get those facing mental health difficulties the support they need. There are so many ways you can support the charity, from donations to volunteering, and more!

How do donations support Mental Health UK's vital work?

  • £5 could keep online resources up-to-date, so that people living with poor mental health who need support with legal problems can access our online letter templates.
  • £20 could hire a room for 2 hours, giving a new support group the chance to meet for the first time.
  • £50 could provide art materials to a support group, helping members relax, open up and build new friendships during art therapy sessions.

Mental Health UK helpline

Whether you need support yourself or want to know which services are available to support family and friends, mental health helplines are the answer for any in need of urgent help. You can find the most appropriate numbers to call on the Mental Health UK website. For those in England, that's NHS 111 and Samaritans.

As well as that, Mental Health UK also has its own peer support service through access to a free online community, called Clic. Clic is an online community, connecting thousands of likeminded people within a safe space to express how you feel, share experiences, and access mental health resources. It's completely free to use!

Mental Health Awareness Week

15th May - 21st May

Mental Health UK statistics (2020-21)

  • The charity's information and support pages were viewed over 8 million times, increasing awareness and understanding of mental health.
  • They answered over 10,000 calls, emails and webchats its mental health helplines, offering advice and information to those in need.
  • Mental Health UK programmes, such as Bloom, Mental Health & Money Advice and Navigators has helped over 60,000 people get support.


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