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Donate to Stroke Association when saving money by using a Savoo discount this Christmas

Savoo's Caring Christmas is making a meaningful impact this year by supporting the Stroke Association, a dedicated charity committed to improving the lives of stroke survivors and their families. You can contribute to this cause without any extra cost by redeeming a discount through the Savoo website from 18-24th December. During this period, Savoo will donate 10% of its commission to the Stroke Association.

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Savoo supports Stroke Association

Support Stroke Association with Savoo

Extend your Christmas generosity to those affected by stroke in the spirit of goodwill. With a stroke occurring every five minutes, almost two-thirds of survivors are left with a disability, meaning that the efforts of the Stroke Association have become even more crucial. This festive season, help us raise funds for the Stroke Association, a charity dedicated to supporting stroke survivors and their families.

The Stroke Association, with its unwavering commitment to improving lives after stroke, has been a beacon of support for over 25 years. As a charity that champions the well-being of stroke survivors and their families, the Stroke Association plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals receive the care and support they deserve.

Show your support for the charity by selecting any code from Savoo and applying it to your online basket. A donation will be made to Stroke Association on your behalf without costing you anything extra. It's a simple yet impactful way to make a difference in the lives of countless families and stroke survivors. Embrace the spirit of giving this holiday season, not only for ourselves but also for those on the path to recovery.

Sign up to support Stroke Association

If you want to donate to Stroke Association all year round, make a Savoo profile and we’ll donate a percentage of our commission every time you place any order using one of our discount codes.

Are you running a special campaign for Christmas 2023, and what are your priorities?

“This Christmas, our focus is on sharing a compelling story that underscores the impact of stroke on an entire family. Meet Alex, a 36-year-old father who faced a stroke last year. Through our Christmas appeal, we aim to shed light on the challenges faced by Alex's wife, Adebisi, and their children, Velma and Sebastian. Adebisi aptly emphasizes that there is no 'I' in stroke—it affects the entire family. By highlighting personal narratives, we hope to convey the broader impact of stroke and encourage support during the festive season."

Christmas support from Stroke Association
Stroke Association family support

Is the Cost of Living crisis still having an impact on demand for help/fundraising?

“Certainly, the cost of living crisis remains a significant concern. This issue compounds the financial challenges brought about by stroke, where individuals may find themselves unable to work due to illness, disability, or caregiving responsibilities. The financial burden exacerbates the need for support and fundraising initiatives as we strive to assist those affected by stroke in navigating both the economic challenges and the aftermath of this life-altering event."

Does the festive period present any unique challenges for your charity?

“The festive season poses distinctive challenges for our charity as stroke doesn't discriminate, striking anyone of any age, even during Christmas. With a stroke occurring every five minutes, almost two-thirds of survivors are left with a disability, and a third feel abandoned upon leaving the hospital. The holidays can be an especially tough time for many survivors, particularly during their first Christmas, as the simple joys of unwrapping presents or enjoying a festive meal may become profoundly different experiences. We aim to raise awareness about these challenges and garner support to make the holiday season more manageable for stroke survivors."

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What ambitions does the charity have for the year ahead?

“Our overarching vision is to reduce the incidence of strokes and ensure that individuals affected by stroke receive the necessary support to lead fulfilling lives. Our goals for the upcoming year are twofold: first, to elevate the priority of stroke awareness and prevention, and second, to guarantee that every individual affected by stroke has access to comprehensive rehabilitation and lifelong support. By pursuing these ambitions, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by stroke."

If you’d like to raise more money for Stroke Association in the future, you can create a Savoo account and set Stroke Association as your chosen charity. Then, every time you save money on your online shopping at Savoo, you will find that your donations for them build up.

From 18th until 24th December, Savoo will donate 10% of our organic revenue on every discount code* successfully redeemed to Stroke Association. There will be a new featured charity next week, so lookout for more ways to raise money for charities at no extra cost to you.

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