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It’s been an especially difficult year for Big Issue vendors. As we lead up to the festive season once more with cold weather here, it’s harder than usual for vendors to stay safe and earn money. The Big Issue Foundation supports Big Issue vendors to move forward, regain their independence and turn a livelihood into a life.

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What will The Big Issue Foundation be doing in the lead-up to Christmas?

This Christmas, we’re asking vendors from across the UK to tell us their Big Wish. One of our vendors, Rodney, told us his Big Wish this year is for a place he can call his own.

Our frontline teams work around the clock to support Big Issue vendors with housing, health and wellbeing.​

You can support Big Issue vendors like Rodney by using Savoo. Your support could help vendors access safe emergency accommodation this winter.

Rodney, one of our Big Issue vendors
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What’s something great that The Big Issue and The Big Issue Foundation has achieved with the help of donations and magazine sales?

Vendors purchase The Big Issue magazine for £1.50, and sell it on for £3. Since it started in 1991, the magazine has earned £115 million for 92,000 vendors - reaching the milestone of 200 million copies sold in 2016. In fact, if these copies were stacked up, they’d reach the International Space Station! By purchasing the magazine, 400,000 weekly readers across the UK helped 1,500 vendors earn £5.5m last year alone.

The Big Issue Foundation provides additional support to allow vendors to achieve financial stability through their magazine sales whilst helping them to overcome social exclusions that have previously held them back. We achieve this through a model of Service Brokerage

Our frontline workers – Service Brokers – are trained to accurately identify the needs of a Big Issue vendor and provide expert information, advice and guidance best able to address these needs. They do this by accessing local services, maintaining support networks and preventing Big Issue vendors falling through the gaps in society across nine core areas.

What are your goals and resolutions for New Year 2022?

In our 30th year, the work of The Big Issue is more vital than ever. Due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, not only are vendors receiving support, but readers of The Big Issue themselves are reaching out to seek aid as they are on the edge of crisis.

One of the ongoing campaigns run by The Big Issue is the Stop Mass Homelessness campaign; launched as a response to rising homelessness caused by the pandemic and governmental policy. In early 2021, one household became homeless or declared bankrupt every three and a half hours, and this number is set to grow due to changes in working conditions, reductions in Universal Credit, and the end of the nation-wide eviction ban.

“More people are at risk of homelessness now than at any time in living memory," according to Lord John Bird.

The Big Issue plans on continuing its work of supporting those who are currently sleeping rough, as well as extending their work to encompass those who are at risk of homelessness and poverty. They will use their voice to call for more employment and training in the green sector and sustainable industries, in order to facilitate stable employment.

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How can you help?

The Big Issue Foundation are working with voices big and small to urge local councils to protect their residents from losing their homes; treating occurrences of homelessness at the source.

Help a family to top up their electric meter or put a meal on the table this Christmas when you shop with a Savoo discount code or deal. Pick any code off the site from November 15th to the 21st in order to make your donation completely free of cost to you!

During the week before Black Friday, you might even be able to make an extra saving on your shop using one of our Black Friday deals - or make year-round savings and donations to The Big Issue Foundation when you sign up to Savoo and choose The Big Issue Foundation as your charity.

Find out even more about the charity on our The Big Issue Foundation charity page, and join in with the rest of Savoo’s Caring Christmas here.

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