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Donate to Blue Cross when saving money by using a Savoo discount this Christmas

Savoo's Caring Christmas is making a positive impact this year by supporting Blue Cross, a dedicated organisation committed to the well-being of pets. You can contribute to this cause without any extra cost by redeeming a discount through the Savoo website from 11-17th December. During this period, Savoo will donate 10% of its commission to Blue Cross.

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Support Blue Cross with Savoo

Extend your Christmas generosity to our furry friends in the spirit of goodwill. With the Cost of Living Crisis causing an increased demand for assistance, the efforts of Blue Cross become even more vital. This festive season, help us raise funds for Blue Cross, an organisation dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of pets and people in need.

Blue Cross, with its unwavering commitment to the welfare of animals, has been a beacon of hope for over 120 years. As an organisation that champions the well-being of pets and their owners, Blue Cross plays a crucial role in ensuring that animals receive the care they deserve.

Show your support for the charity by selecting any code from Savoo and applying it to your online basket. A donation will be made to Blue Cross on your behalf without costing you anything extra. It's a simple yet impactful way to make a difference in the lives of countless animals. Join us in making this holiday season a time of joy not just for us but for our four-legged friends as well.

Sign up to support Blue Cross

If you want to donate to Blue Cross all year round, make a Savoo profile and we’ll donate a percentage of our commission every time you place any order using one of our discount codes.

Are you running a special campaign for Christmas 2023, and what are your priorities?

“This Christmas, we are on a mission to ensure all pets have a reason to wag their tails. With more families facing challenges caring for their beloved companions, our resources are being stretched to new limits. In the first half of 2023, we witnessed a 55% increase in pets being surrendered due to financial constraints compared to the previous year. However, despite the challenges, we managed to rehome 34% more pets than in 2022. Last Christmas, we assisted 4,174 pets through our rehoming and clinical services, and this year, we anticipate an even greater need. Your donation can provide food, veterinary care, and support in finding loving homes for these pets in need. All pets want for Christmas is to be happy, healthy, and fed, and all Blue Cross needs is your support."

Christmas support from Blue Cross
Blue Cross pet support

Is the Cost of Living crisis still having an impact on demand for help/fundraising?

“The Cost-of-Living crisis continues to cast a shadow, impacting the demand for our assistance. We've experienced a surge in requests for support across our services. Despite the financial challenges, our Pet Food Bank initiative has expanded nationwide, providing meals for over 1.5 million pets since October 2022. The crisis has indeed made fundraising more challenging, but the resilience of our community has shone through. Our supporters have rallied by volunteering, donating to our charity shops, and even fostering pets, demonstrating unwavering dedication during these difficult times. It's heartening to witness such generosity, and we couldn't continue our mission without their incredible support."

Does the festive period present any unique challenges for your charity?

“The festive period brings its own set of challenges, but at Blue Cross, our commitment never wavers. Our animal hospitals and rehoming centres remain open 365 days a year. Winter poses higher risks to pets' well-being, especially those left out in the cold. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly during the holiday season to ensure we are here for as many people and pets as possible. No matter the challenges, we stand ready to deliver care and love to pets in need."

vet and dog
Happy smiling dog

What ambitions does the charity have for the year ahead?

“Looking ahead, Blue Cross is committed to supporting families during the ongoing Cost-of-Living crisis and raising awareness for our Pet Food Bank initiatives. In 2024, we aim to advocate for the phased-out closure of greyhound racing in the U.K. over the next five years. Collaborating with dog welfare organisations, we strive to ensure the safety and well-being of all racing dogs, helping them find loving retirement homes. Many racing greyhounds endure a challenging life, and it's time for change. Join us in our mission to end greyhound racing and give each and every greyhound the opportunity to enjoy life as a cherished pet, surrounded by the love they deserve."

If you’d like to raise more money for Blue Cross in the future, you can create a Savoo account and set Blue Cross as your chosen charity. Then, every time you save money on your online shopping at Savoo, you will find that your donations for them build up.

From 11th until 17th December, Savoo will donate 10% of our organic revenue on every discount code* successfully redeemed to Blue Cross. There will be a new featured charity next week, so lookout for more ways to raise money for charities at no extra cost to you.

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