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Diabetes Week - All deals donate to Diabetes UK

Diabetes Week is an opportunity to highlight what it’s like to live with the condition daily. Diabetes affects one in 15 people in the UK, including approximately 850,000 with undiagnosed type 2. Support us in raising donations for Diabetes UK so that the charity can continue to invest millions in research and support for those affected.

From June 10th to 16th, Savoo will donate 5% of revenue to Diabetes UK whenever you shop online and claim a discount code or deal from the Savoo site.

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There are various types of diabetes, but they all can lead to excess sugar in the blood. Serious health problems often follow because while glucose is an essential energy source for muscles, tissues, and the brain, dangerously high levels are a concern if not diagnosed and managed. People suffer from diabetes because not enough insulin is produced by the pancreas, an organ that normally keeps the build-up of sugars in the bloodstream in check.

Show your support for Diabetes UK by selecting any code and applying it to your online basket during checkout. Savoo will donate on your behalf without costing you anything extra.

What is Diabetes Week?

Diabetes Week is an annual event organised by the charity Diabetes UK to highlight the millions of people who manage and live with diabetes every day. From June 10th to 16th, 2024, there will be a drive to raise money to support diabetes research and educate people about the disease, which impacts more people in the UK than any other serious health condition.

Unless it affects you or your loved ones directly, understanding Diabetes can be challenging because it’s often not a visible disease. For example, there are many common myths about Diabetes, from it being an inherited condition to not being able to exercise or eat fruit. The focus of Diabetes Week this year is about the health checks required when you have diabetes. Regular diabetes health checks are vital, but they often get missed during the stresses of everyday life. Diabetes can lead to other health problems if not picked up early, so checkups are a crucial part of living with the condition.

If you are at all worried, Diabetes UK has a free Learning Zone that will help you understand and manage diabetes with confidence. Diabetes Week is a great time to get involved with fundraising or make a donation and don’t forget to visit the Diabetes UK online shop for all your Diabetes Week supplies.

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About Diabetes UK

Diabetes UK is one of the UK’s most prominent charities. The organisation has historical roots, with legendary author H.G. Wells and renowned physician R.D. Lawrence founding its predecessor, The Diabetic Association, in the 1930s. Today, the charity campaigns for better Diabetes care, supports sufferers and funds ground-breaking research into new diabetes treatments and, hopefully, one day, a cure.

The exact cause of most types of diabetes is unknown, but Diabetes UK has an incredible record of funding pioneering research. They currently fund around 120 research projects and invest £6 million into new diabetes research every year.

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As a direct consequence of their life-changing breakthroughs, people with diabetes are living easier, healthier, and longer lives. Research by the charity pioneered the first handheld blood glucose meter, a game-changing device that made checking blood sugar levels simple.

Diabetes UK also supports people with Diabetes and their families via local support groups, a confidential helpline, and insurance product assistance. Use their risk checker to find out your risk of type 2 diabetes in just a few minutes.

Raise even more money for the charity by creating a Savoo account and selecting Diabetes UK as your chosen charity. Then, whenever you save money shopping online at Savoo, your free donations will build up for them. Every penny Diabetes UK raises goes towards research and support services, so why not join us in raising money for the charity this Diabetes Week and beyond?

From June 10 to 16, 2024, Savoo will donate 5% of its revenue from organic channels on every discount code or deal redeemed to Diabetes UK.