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Donate to Heart Research UK with these Savoo deals

This February raising awareness for Heart Month by partnering with Heart Research UK - a charity at the forefront of medical research working towards the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease. Savoo will be donating a percentage of retail revenue from these brands to Heart Research UK. All you need to do is select any code from these brands, apply it to your basket at checkout, and the donation will be made on your behalf completely free of cost to you!

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  2. About Heart Research UK
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To show your support, simply shop at Savoo from the 1st - 29th February, when we’ll be donating a percentage of our retail revenue to Heart Research UK across our participating Valentine's day brands. The funds raised by your orders will go towards pioneering medical research in the bid to put an end to heart disease.

Heart Month occurs every February of each year to highlight the severity of heart disease and the impact of an unhealthy heart to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle for a happier heart.

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About Heart Month

Our hearts are the central driving force of our bodies - so having our best interests in mind is paramount. Because of this, National Heart Month is a crucial period for keeping people informed with lifestyle changes they can implement to avoid heart-related conditions.

You can make some simple yet positive changes by:

  • Exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet to keep the muscle active and maintain a healthy weight
  • Quitting smoking if you're a smoker - as people who smoke are almost twice as likely to have a heart attack

You can show your support for National Heart Month by getting involved and making some practical changes in your everyday life. We understand that making big changes to your daily routine may feel too drastic and difficult to maintain. So why not start small? Government guidance recommends making time for just 10 minutes of activity each day, amounting to an achievable 150 minutes per week.

You can also show your support for Heart Research UK during Heart Month by treating yourself or a loved one by using a discount from our participating retailers below. It couldn't be easier to make a difference this February!

About Heart Research UK

Many of the biggest improvements in heart health over the past 50 years have been due to the work of Heart Research UK.

Heart Research UK was founded as the National Heart Research Fund in 1967, started with the intent to fund research into the risks of heart surgery, resulting in safer procedures. Today, they continue to pioneer research and freely educate about heart health, in order to reduce the number of people who develop and die from heart disease.

Surgeons operating in heart surgery

“As a charity, we can only do this with your help.”

While coronary heart disease is still one of the biggest killers in the UK, statistics about the improvements in heart care paint a picture of Heart Research UK’s success in the field. These successes are, in part, thanks to the £25m total raised toward pioneering research to prevent, treat and cure heart disease.

50 years ago...

  • Over 70% of heart attacks ended in death
  • Over 80% of babies born with a heart defect in the UK died before their first birthday


  • 70% of people who experience heart attacks survive
  • Around 80% of babies born with a heart defect survive into adulthood

Heart Research UK is dedicated to educating, training, supporting and funding heart healthcare and medical research across the country. The work of Heart Research has never been more vital, as people with certain types of heart disease have been found to have a higher risk of serious and life-changing complications from the Covid-19 virus.

The heart health resources are free for everyone to use, so educate yourself on your heart health in February, and give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a healthier heart for Valentine’s Day this year.

Brand partners of Savoo's Heart Month campaign:

This February, we’ve paired with the following brands to raise money on every purchase throughout the month. Your purchases at these stores using a Savoo discount will help raise an extra donation for our charity of the month, Heart Research UK. Learn a little more about these generous charitable brand partners below:

Curvy Kate:

Curvy Kate is a lingerie expert, catering for women of all shapes and sizes. Browse Scantilly by Curvy Kate to discover a collection of ultra-empowering lingerie designed to incite confidence, or why not check out Curvy Kate’s Luxe Strapless Bra if you’re struggling to find a strap-free style offering impeccable support.

Whether you’re looking for a sexy lingerie gift this Valentine’s Day or a practical everyday solution for women with a bigger bust, find instant access to sizes D - K cups for less at Curvy Kate. Orders from Curvy Kate will raise donations worth 3% during the month of February.

Curvy Kate discount codes


Brastop is a D - K cup lingerie and swimwear specialist, with inclusive cup and band sizes available for those who want to look and feel their best this Valentine’s and beyond. You can also purchase everything from sports bras to swimwear and bestselling lines such as Flirtelle and Panache in time for the sunnier months and to get your gym game on. Orders from Brastop will raise donations worth 3% during the month of February.

Brastop discount codes


Bluebella is a purveyor of luxury lingerie designed to empower and embolden. In a number of flattering designs and colours, pick up your next lingerie obsession from sets to individual bras and suspenders. They don't just specialise in underwear though, be sure to check out their selection of nightwear, bodysuits and hosiery to complete any romantic evening. Orders from Bluebella will raise donations worth 2% during the month of February.

Bluebella discount codes

Smiling woman taking part in Tough Mudder with a teammate

Tough Mudder

Push yourself further this year with a series of physical outdoor challenges from Tough Mudder. Choose your trial, create a team (or join a team), make your booking, and get training! With challenges taking part up and down the country, find the one that works for your ability level (ranging from three to ten miles) then get going with the free training guide. Orders from Tough Mudder will raise donations worth 5% during the month of February.

Tough Mudder discount codes

*Savoo will donate 10% of our affiliate commission minus advertising costs for sales generated from the listed retailers’ Savoo pages for the month of February.

Previous brand partners for Savoo's Heart Month campaign with Heart Research UK: