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From November 29th to December 5th, Savoo is helping you to raise money for Marie Curie’s pioneering research and end of life support services. This Christmas, 10% of all organic sales revenue generated via Savoo.com, Savoo emails or Savoo social media channels between 19/11/2021 and 5/12/2021 will be given to Marie Curie, and this is estimated to be £3,500.

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This year, thousands of families across the UK will be impacted by terminal illness. Since Christmas is all about family, a terminal diagnosis or the loss of a loved one at this time of year can be particularly difficult to come to terms with.​

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What will Marie Curie be doing in the lead-up to Christmas?

In the lead up to Christmas this year, everyone at Marie Curie will be continuing our work to ensure that Christmas is a little easier for people facing a terminal illness. We know that Christmas can be a difficult time of year for people, whether it’s spent caring for a loved one, or the prospect of your first Christmas without someone you love.

At Marie Curie this Christmas, we’ll be continuing to offer expert care and advice, advocate for people who need us, implement new policy, carry out crucial research and work to fundraise to make sure we can be there for the people who need us.

A Marie Curie Nurse
A Marie Curie Nurse

How do families dealing with terminal illness interact with your services around the holidays?

For families facing the possibility of their last Christmas with someone they love, our services offer essential help during this difficult time. Knowing our nurses are out in their community, or at one of our nine hospices, day and night, or that our support line is just a phone call away, act as the comforting reassurance they need. Our wonderful Marie Curie can be there to offer expert care and support, to help someone at the end of their life.

What do donations mean to Marie Curie at Christmas? / What’s something great that Marie Curie has achieved with the help of donations and volunteers?

Our support line and online chat function is the most accessible form of care we can offer to anyone who needs it, and your donations help to fund this amazing resource. You can call the Marie Curie Support Line for practical or clinical information and emotional support if you’re living with or caring for someone who has a terminal illness, whatever your situation. You can choose to speak to an Information and Support nurse, or someone who can simply offer a listening ear, and offer resources that could help.

Please call 0800 090 2309 to access the free support line.

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What are your goals and resolutions for New Year 2022?

Our goals and resolutions for 2022 are to continue to ensure that everyone can have the best possible end of life experience, tailored to each person’s needs. For over 70 years we have ensured that people get the best end of life care possible, whether that be in their own homes, through our 9 hospices, or through providing crucial information and support to people and families living with grief or loss.

We believe good end of life care is a right not a privilege. We will continue to work on the front line whilst leading on innovating and improving end of life care and bereavement support for all.

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While you can always choose to support Marie Curie through Savoo, the extra 10% donation will only last a week so be sure to get your shop done between November 29th and December 5th. Simply grab one of the Savoo discount codes or deals and apply it to your basket at checkout: it’s that easy! You might even be able to find yourself an extra Cyber Monday discount at the start of the week while still donating 10% to Marie Curie’s vital work.

If you’re passionate about supporting charities (and about shopping) all year round, you can sign up to Savoo and choose Marie Curie as your charity so that every time you shop, you’ll raise a little bit more.

Find out even more about the charity on our Marie Curie charity page, and join in with the rest of Savoo’s Caring Christmas here.

*10% of all organic sales revenue generated via Savoo.com, Savoo emails or Savoo social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin) between 19/11/2021 and 5/12/21 will be given to Marie Curie, this is estimated to be £3,500. Marie Curie Charity Reg No 207994 (England and Wales), SC038731 (Scotland).

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