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Make a donation to Rainforest Trust when saving money by using a Savoo discount this Christmas

Savoo’s Caring Christmas is back! The first charity we are supporting this year is the Rainforest Trust, an environmental organisation that helps to protect our planet’s tropical lands and conserve endangered species. It won’t cost you anything extra to donate. Simply redeem a discount via the Savoo website during the week of 13th - 19th November, we will donate 10% of our commission to Rainforest Trust UK.

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Savoo supports Rainforest Trust UK

Support Rainforest Trust UK with Savoo

During the season of goodwill, we’re keen that the Christmas spirit extends to our precious planet. With 2023 on track to be the warmest year on record, the efforts of Rainforest Trust are even more critical. Climate change cannot be stopped without saving tropical forests that trap excess CO2, while a million species are at risk of extinction this century if more is not done to protect habitats. The conservation work done by Rainforest Trust makes a tangible difference, so Savoo is delighted to partner with them in raising funds.

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Rainforest Trust has been preserving critical habitats around the globe for more than 35 years, and Christmas is an important time for the charity to raise money. Every year, millions of acres of rainforest are destroyed by land clearing for unsustainable development, logging, mining and other threats. Preserving the rainforests provides the best and most cost-effective defence against the loss of biodiversity and the ongoing climate crisis.

Show your support for the charity by selecting any code from Savoo and applying it to your online basket. A donation will be made to the Rainforest Trust on your behalf without costing you anything extra. Why not create a Savoo account and set Rainforest Trust as your chosen charity? Then, every time you redeem a promotion from Savoo, you can watch your donations build up for them.

Rainforest Trust Q&A

In support of the Savoo Caring Chrismas campaign, Rainforest Trust UK has answered some of our questions concerning their current priorities and the pressures they face over the festive period.

Are you running a special campaign for Christmas 2023?

“This Christmas, we’re raising funds for a variety of projects in Africa, South America and Asia-Pacific. All of these projects aim to permanently protect threatened ecosystems, including forests, mangroves, savannahs and more! Some urgent projects include the Brazilian Amazon Fund, which is seeking to conserve 20 million acres of the Amazon rainforest and a drive to save African Forest Elephants from mining in Guinea.

“This time of year is certainly the busiest for fundraising! Our largest projects require a lot of funding, so we are channelling our efforts into raising the money to make these ambitious conservation programmes possible. Anyone can donate to our projects, and we can even send you a gift certificate to give your loved ones the ultimate eco-friendly gift - acres of precious rainforest.

“If you would like to help the Rainforest Trust further, you could organise a fundraiser to raise money from friends and family. From a bake sale to a sponsored walk, make a real difference this Christmas by joining our community of fundraisers!"

What are Rainforest Trust’s current priorities?

“Our conservation work continues year-round, but our current priorities are:

To protect endangered species - Habitat destruction is the leading cause of extinction for endangered species, and the solution is to expand protected areas. Donations to our Christmas appeals will support the creation and expansion of protected areas for Tigers, Jaguars, Elephants, Antelope and other wildlife.

To fight climate change - Protecting tropical habitats is one of the most important and cost-effective ways we can fight climate change right now. Rainforests, peatlands and mangroves are particularly important landscapes to protect because they absorb and safely store vast amounts of carbon. Many of our projects are currently match-funded, which means you can lock up twice as much carbon for your money!

To further the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities - Affected regions rely on natural ecosystems for food, water and economic prosperity. Many of our projects support Indigenous people to secure ownership and management of land and natural resources. Every one of our projects engages with local people, and none proceeds without their consent."

Is the Cost of Living crisis still having an impact on the demand for help/fundraising?

“Some of our donors have fallen on hard times and have found themselves unable to donate as much as they used to, and likewise, some businesses are having to scale back their donations. However, we are consistently encouraged when we see new donors coming to Rainforest Trust UK every week! The urgency of our mission has never been clearer, and it is inspiring to see more people stepping up to make a difference!

“Big or small, all donations made to Rainforest Trust are welcomed. 100% of public donations are allocated to conservation projects as our operating expenses are covered through Gift Aid and other generous donors."

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What ambitions does the charity have for the year ahead?

“In the next year, Rainforest Trust will be launching new projects in Central & South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific. For example, in the Brazilian Amazon, we will support traditional communities to secure the titles to their lands and in the Congo Basin, we will protect critically endangered gorillas from poaching.

“These new projects will contribute to our ambitious goal of protecting 125 million acres of tropical habitat globally. We will continue to engage local people throughout all of our conservation work, and the ecosystems we protect will provide a lasting home for endangered species, store vast quantities of carbon, and safeguard our planet against climate change. None of this would be possible without our amazing donors and partners like Savoo!"

From the 13th to the 19th of November, Savoo will donate 10% of our organic revenue on every discount code to Rainforest Trust UK. Next week there will be another charity that you can donate to at no extra cost to you.

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