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Donate to Streetvet for National Pet Month this April 2022

This National Pet Month, which takes place throughout April, we'll be raising donations for StreetVet when you shop with or Republic of Cats.

One of the easiest ways to donate to Streetvet is through Savoo. As well as helping you to save money on quality pet food, Savoo will also help you raise donations without needing to spend an extra penny!

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Savoo supports Streetvet for National Pet Month

Raise free donations with Savoo for National Pet Month

About National Pet Month

National Pet Month takes place from April 1st until May 2nd each year to promote responsible pet ownership and celebrate the many benefits that come with caring for a pet.

For many of us, having a furry friend or animal companion helps to make a house a home. While responsible pet ownership makes a world of difference for the pet we take care of - welcoming a pet into our homes comes with many mutual perks.

The month-long campaign aims to recognise and commemorate the joy of pet ownership, encouraging both experienced and new pet owners to raise awareness for responsible pet ownership through a range of educational campaigns and supportive resources.

Did you know...

According to PDSA’s PAW Reports, 2021 findings indicated:

  • 51% of adults in the UK have a pet
  • 26% of which have a dog (estimated population of 9.6 million pet dogs)
  • and, 24% have a cat (estimated population of 10.7 million pet cats)

Throughout the entire duration of Pet Month, we’re helping these important messages by raising money for StreetVet when you use our exclusive discount codes for and Republic of Cats.

About StreetVet

StreetVet is a charitable organisation that provides free veterinary care: from health checks and daily essentials, to surgery and vaccinations, for the pets of people experiencing homelessness.

Started in response to the growing homelessness problem, StreetVet is run by professional vets and veterinary nurses who wish to provide health and wellbeing care to the pets of homeless people, which can often otherwise be inaccessible. Many homeless people share a ‘profound’ bond with their pets, which are often dogs, and view their pet’s wellbeing as a main priority.

The organisation is a registered practice with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and they are currently working to expand their educational as well as health services to more locations within the UK. Pet health services offered are diverse and also include owner education and post-health checkups. Services also offered are:

  • Health checks and vaccinations
  • Preventative medicine
  • Surgery
  • Daily essentials
  • Owner education
  • Prescription and follow up
  • Accessing services

Your donations will help provide these vital services, as well as help raise awareness so the StreetVet team can continue to seek out people, expand reach into new locations, deliver care and support to ensure the pets’ and owners’ ongoing wellbeing.

Raise donations with dog food

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We’ll be donating an incredible £15 to StreetVet for every order placed through Savoo for National Pet Month - there’s never been a better time to make the switch!

Republic of Cats

If you're looking for the perfect food to impress your feline friend, Republic of Cats is the place to go. Offering tailored food, created to keep your kitty both happy and healthy - Republic of Cats is guaranteed to make mealtimes the highlight of your cat's day.

Whether you're attempting to appease your furry companion's finicky taste buds or hoping to discover a new food that supports you in managing their health & wellbeing, you can save with Savoo throughout National Pet Month.

Use our exclusive discount code for an exclusive 80% off your first 2-week Taster Box, and we'll donate a huge £10 to StreetVet across all orders made through Savoo for the entire month!

Raise donations with Republic of Cats cat food
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