StreetVet offer free accessible vet care to pets belonging to those experiencing homelessness in multiple locations across the UK. StreetVet has helped over 1200 dogs, over 100 cats, 3 ferrets, 2 rabbits and a bearded dragon! StreetVet launched an accreditation scheme to help hostels to become pet friendly in November 2020 as only 10% of UK hostels currently accept pets. StreetVet recognises the strength of the human animal bond and strives to help keep owners and their pets together.

Did you know...

Up to 25% of those experiencing homelessness have pets? Did you know that the majority of our owners had their pets from before they became homeless? Did you know that less than 7% of owners would give up their pet for a roof over their head?

StreetVet has teams in 17 locations across the UK and growing with over 300 vet and nurse volunteers The charity aims to increase the number of hostels accepting pets in the UK through their StreetVet accredited hostel scheme.

How your donations could help...

£10 could fund essential vaccinations for a dog

£20 could fund arthritis medication for a dog

£40 could fund a blood test for a pet


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