By Etaf Kawaldeh


As Mother's Day approaches, the search for the perfect flowers for the woman who means the world to you can be both exciting and challenging; however, it can also be expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Take a look at our step-by-step breakdown to find out how you can make sure you get affordable flowers this Mother’s Day without breaking the bank.

Which Flower Should You Give For Mother's Day?

There are two questions you should keep in mind when looking for Mother’s Day flowers. First, what flower represents Mother’s Day, and also, how much should flowers cost? Well, when it comes to picking flowers, it’s important to keep the meaning of different flowers in mind. According to Iowa State University, Tulips represent love and cheerfulness, Lilies signify devotion, Carnations represent motherhood, and Daisies embody innocence. So, when it comes to Mother’s Day, you might want to consider some of those.

Which Types of Flowers Are The Most Affordable?

If you’re looking for cheap flowers, we recommend you go with Carnations, traditionally the cheapest flower. Look for a Carnations bouquet or flower arrangement. You can find affordable flower options from online florists such as Bunches , which offer bouquets with Carnations from £29. Daffodils are also a cheap and seasonal option too, as they tend to thrive the most between March-April. You could easily find a low-cost bunch from a supermarket, such as Ocado , as they tend to go for around £6! What a bargain! And if you’re feeling particularly creative, how about buying a couple of other flowers from the same supermarket, and making your own bouquet? Examples include Pink Roses (£10) and Cornish Blooms (£3.50). Not only if this super cost effective, but it adds a personal touch too!

Freddies Flowers Bouquet

What Size Bouquet Should I Get?

The size of your Mother’s Day bouquet definitely plays a role in how much it’ll cost. Usually, online florists would offer 2-3 different sizes: Standard, Medium and Large. For example, 123 Flowers offers flowers from £26.99 with free delivery, and you can pick from three different sizes too: to upgrade from standard to medium, you’ll pay £5 extra, and £10 extra if you want to get a large bouquet too. The bouquet size you decide to get ultimately depends on your preference and budget - whatever you choose, your mother will be happy with!

How Do You Post Flowers To Someone?

Well, when it comes to delivering Mother’s Day flowers, there are so many options to pick from. You could easily get next-day delivery flowers, as most online florists offer this option. It’s not hard finding flowers with free delivery either, as it tends to be included in the cost. However, the most popular method is delivering flowers by post. This way, your bouquet is guaranteed to stay fresh and undamaged. Reputable brands, such as Bloom and Wild, offer free flower letterbox delivery too, so all you need to do is place your order and wait patiently for it to arrive through your door!

Prestige Flowers Bouquet

What Is The Most Purchased Gift for Mother's Day?

Well, flowers! However, adding another gift and a message alongside your flower bouquet delivery is also a great way to give it that special touch this Mother's Day. Take a look at the free heartfelt note offers that you can add to your next-day flower delivery from florists such as Freddie’s Flowers. Pick from one of its beautifully designed gift cards at the checkout and add in your message. Saves you buying a card! Or, if you want to add a little extra, shop from Moonpig - you’ll be able to get flowers, a card, and another gift on top, all within the same order.

Another type of gift you could add to your delivery is a vase. You’d be surprised how many people don’t own one and are stumped when given flowers. Serenata Flowers gives you the option of buying a flower vase at the checkout from prices as low as £9.99, as well as chocolate and stuffed toy options.

How Much Should You Spend On Flower Delivery?

Flower delivery, bouquet delivery, and Mother’s Day flower delivery are usually free! You can select a date that you’d want it delivered at the checkout, or if you simply want your flowers delivered tomorrow, then opt for next-day delivery. At the most, you shouldn’t spend more than £15 maximum on delivery; however, as stated, most online florists offer either free standard delivery or free next-day delivery for flowers.

In the end, all mums appreciate gifts that show thought and consideration. Make the day truly memorable for the incredible woman who means the world to you. Plus, when you shop at KitchenAid or Bluebella this Mother’s Day with a discount code from Savoo, 5% of our commission will be donated to Marie Curie. Help care for others this Mother's Day, one purchase at a time.