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Stephanos has been an expert in the top sports and motoring retailers since working at Tesla in 2016, aged 24. His interest in sports began as a child growing up in the UK getting involved in sports days and after school sports clubs. Steph’s interests have carried on into adulthood, and is now the driving force behind many of the Savoo team’s sporting endeavours: watching the World Cup on the office TV, organising after work five-a-side in the park, and running the Savoo Sweepstakes.

Savoo team fantasy football league rankings

Stephanos ranking third on the Savoo sweepstakes

On a weekend or weekday evening, you can find Steph playing tennis, making the most of his membership at the local golf course, or out fishing in the summer. Having this many hobbies is not cheap, so you’ll find all sorts of verified advice on our sports & outdoor pages. Get help on everything from picking the right golf club (at favourite Golfbidder) to the different types of fishing line, at the best prices.

Steph’s interest in staying active has meant he is often found shopping the latest sporting and activewear. Wearing a pair of hiking boots and a pair of zip-off trousers to the office for an after work hike isn’t for the faint-hearted, but Steph is one to make the most of a bargain!

"Outdoors gear is very seasonal, so these are bargains I’d advise looking for at the wrong time of year. It might seem counterintuitive, but check in the January clearance for your fleeces and baselayers for your adventures the following autumn. Wait until September to shop shorts and swimwear for next summer."

Outdoors expert Stephanos fishing

Trout fishing at New River

Keeping fuelled is an important part of being the most active person in the office, and is often found chatting with Yasmeen, the office nutritionist and foodie, about the best options for vegan protein, nutrition and vitamins. You’ll find all sorts of expert advice on our sports nutrition pages like MyProtein and Free Soul, whether you’re new to the game and seeking freebies, or simply need to get a great price on Clear Whey when stocking up for the year.

Sports expert Stephanos at a golf course

Golf Bush Hill Golf Club

Spending so much time out of the city means that Steph is the proud owner of both a car and a motorbike. Whether upkeeping the car at KwikFit or getting new bike treads at Halfords, a lot goes into upkeep your tyres and breaks living in a city, which is why you’ll also see this familiar face on our motoring pages, guides, and tips. As a regular at Black Circles Tyres, there’s not a savings stone left unturned, and Steph is here to pass this advice along to you:

"When you need to replace a tyre, buy the tyre from an online tyre shop at a good price and they'll often direct you to a free fitting and garage service. That is a great way to save money compared to shopping for your tyre at a garage, where they will charge you for the tyre and fitting services separately."

Whether you need guidance on financing a car, or simply the best supplement for gym training, Steph is your man. Read up on some of Steph’s articles below to get even more guidance on getting active on a budget.

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