How to save money on animals & pets

Cat and dog in blanket Proud pet parents, reptile lovers and horse fanatics, listen up! Whether your dog demands all your time or your kittens are rinsing your bank account, take care of your pets for less with our animal and pet deals and discount codes. With so many fabulous offers for all your favourite brands including Pets at Home and Tails, giving your animal companion the best life possible doesn’t have to leave you skint.

Pet food deals

Keeping our furry friends fed, watered and happy is easier than it sounds, especially as costs can easily mount up. Choosing pet food specifically tailored to your pet, like the selection at Tails, is a great way to guarantee your pet’s getting all the right nutrients for their breed, age and needs. Plus, by investing in top quality dog food like the range at Pure Pet Food or Pooch & Mutt, you’re proactively investing in your pet’s health and as such, they’re more likely to lead a happy, healthy life.

Pet supplies deals

Finding pet supplies on a budget is easy thanks to stores like Pets at Home and zooplus who cover all bases. From dogs, cats and birds to mice, chinchillas and lizards, you name it - they’ve got everything you need.

On a budget? Monster Pet Supplies promises your favourite pet brands like Felix, Iams and Dentastix at up to 50% cheaper than high street alternatives. Similarly, Paws is another great place to find top brands at prices that won’t break the bank. Whether it’s wet dog food or a microchip cat flap you’re after, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

For all things horse and pony, head to Naylors for some fantastic deals on everything from jodhpurs to saddle pads. For specific supplies for pond creatures and reptiles, head to Pond Planet.

Girl grooming horse

Pet care deals

Getting the best value pet care is crucial for keeping your pet spends down. Pledging a life of health and happiness for your animals doesn’t have to cost the earth. Pay less for joint care supplements at YuMOVE, get all your top brand pet care essentials in one handy place at Pet Drugs Online or stock up on grooming must-haves on a budget at Christies Direct. Get a great deal on pet medication at Viovet, and make sure they’re in safe hands while you’re away with Rover.

Pet insurance deals

At first glance, pet insurance may seem like a ‘nice to have’ or added luxury, but investing in a proper policy to cover your pet’s needs is crucial to avoid potential costly payouts if your animal gets sick. Check out the range of deals available at Argos Pet Insurance, Post Office and Pets at Home to see what fantastic offers are available on full cover pet plans.

Happy woman cuddling dog