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  • There are over 60 million people with disabilities living in Africa, the vast majority of whom are children.
  • Up to 80% of children with disabilities from low-income countries will not live to be 5 years old. The children who do are four times more likely to suffer abuse and eight times less likely to go to school.
  • All these children, every day, are facing barriers such as stigma and discrimination for just being who they are. They are some of the most vulnerable children in the world. By signing up to Savoo and selecting Able Child Africa as your charity, they will receive free donations every time you shop online.

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Learn more about Able Child Africa

Able Child Africa is a U.K.-based charity dedicated to improving the lives of disabled children and young people in Africa. This organisation works tirelessly to promote inclusion, access to education, healthcare, and social opportunities for children with disabilities across the African continent. Able Child Africa collaborates with local partners and communities to empower disabled children and ensure they have the support and resources they need to thrive. By advocating for the rights of disabled children and implementing sustainable development projects, Able Child Africa strives to create a more inclusive and equitable future for these vulnerable individuals, fostering positive change in their lives and communities.

How they support: Making every day count

Able Child Africa works across multiple countries in the African continent to help support disabled children whilst dismantling the barriers and stigma attached to them. They have three main goals:

  • Deliver high-quality programmes across Africa to help break down barriers and create inclusive opportunities for children living with disabilities.

  • Alongside their own work, the charity also works with local organisations to strengthen their force, provide more resources, and increase their influence to ensure that they can provide lasting change in the country that they’re operating within.

  • Lastly, they fight for the rights of children with disabilities and work hard to create change on a national scale by influencing governments and other agencies.

Ways you can help: Donate to Able Child Africa

Donating to Able Child Africa is one major way you could help combat the stigma and discrimination that children with disabilities face. As some of the most vulnerable children in the world, they are often forgotten and systematically left behind. However, your donation could change that:

  • £10: Could help a disability mentor visit an isolated child to set a plan for their inclusion
  • £50: Could provide essential health and sanitation products to girls with disabilities
  • £100: Could pay to train a teacher in inclusive education, meaning children with disabilities won’t be left behind

Other ways to donate: Leave a gift in your will

By deciding to leave a legacy, you’ll be making sure that Able Child Africa is able to care for as many children as possible. The charity understands how personal of a decision such an act is, and so will treat your decision and donation with as much care, courtesy, respect and sensitivity as possible. If you are over 55 years old, you can even take advantage of the free Wills writing services that occur in March and October for ‘Free Wills Month’.

When deciding what to leave behind, you can pick from:

  • A percentage of your assets
  • A fixed sum of money
  • A specific item of value

Either way, whatever you decide to leave behind, no matter how substantial, will be greatly appreciated by the charity.


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