Despite affecting 3-7% of UK schoolchildren (of whom up to half will continue to have symptoms in adulthood) ADHD remains a poorly understood condition by the general public. For more than 20 years ADDISS has been working to improve awareness and understanding of ADHD by providing information, training, and support to sufferers of ADHD, their parents and carers, and healthcare professionals.

We support a multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment protocol, including education and behavioural interventions, with or without medication. We always keep an open mind and try to help families find their own most appropriate approach to intervention.

Did you know...

ADDISS holds regular Conferences and events throughout the UK to connect with hard to reach communities, families adults and professional.

WE have a small paid staff and rely heavily on our volunteers who are very committed to supporting the organisation and the work we do.

ADHD may have serious consequences, which can include under-performance at school, depression, problems with relationships, problems finding and keeping a job, and criminal behaviour.

ADHD exists in conjunction with many other conditions whose symptoms can overlap and mask those of ADHD such as Asperger’s syndrome, language disorder, dyspraxia, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

What makes ADDISS different

ADDISS was established in 1995 and is the only national UK Charity supporting individuals, parents and families diagnosed or seeking diagnosis of ADHD We provide the only national ADHD helpline

The CEO Andrea Bilbow received her OBE in 2013 for supporting families in the UK with the condition and campaigning for better services to diagnose and provide treatment of ADHD for over 20 years

We publish a regular newsletter with high quality articles covering up-to-date news and research on ADHD as well as practical tips to help manage the condition

The professional advisory board of top academics and medical professionals ensure the information and training we provide is accurate and evidence based

We hold all the people and families we support at the heart of our organisation


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