Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women in the UK. Donations to Against Breast Cancer will fund research to improve detection and increase survival rates after diagnosis. This charity, in particular, focuses on “secondary spread", which is when breast cancer cells spread from the breast (primary cancer) to the rest of the body (secondary cancer). Secondary spread is the main cause of death of breast cancer.

In order to stop deaths from “secondary spread," the charity invests into education for younger scientists that perform innovative research into survival rates after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Funds also go into new research, for example how diet and lifestyle may increase or decrease the risk of secondary breast cancer developing; and how the body’s natural defences can be used to design more effective treatments and vaccines against the disease.

The vision for the future

One of the core problems with any cancer diagnosis is spotting it early enough to maximise the time and opportunity to tackle cancer head-on and therefore increase survival rates.

The charity’s vision is a future where a home test kit is readily available in order to be monitored for secondary breast cancer by providing test results to doctors without the need for a doctor or hospital visit. Ultimately, this will help the primary issue of early diagnosis, and easier monitoring of a tumour during treatment.

The DietCompLyf study

Against Breast Cancer worked on a study with researchers at the University of Westminster rolled out with over 3,300 breast cancer patients from 56 centres in the UK. Each participant was from one-year post-diagnosis and actively monitored for up to 5 years after.

The study confirmed that lifestyle choices help reduce the risk of developing secondary breast cancer. This includes:

  • A healthy diet, and yes, that includes your 5-a-day!

  • Regular exercise

  • Better quality of life, with reduced stress and loneliness

  • Moderate alcohol consumption

  • No smoking

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

Other ways to support

Charities always appreciate volunteers donating their skills, time and expertise, which most charities cannot run without.

Without volunteers, Against Breast Cancer wouldn’t have enough time or manpower to arrange and support the activities that raise funds for their pioneering research.

Supporters can also either join or set up community fundraising groups for Against Breast Cancer. Raising funds whilst having fun and making new friends is a nice way to stay motivated and experience something new with every idea you have to raise funds, it’s a coffee morning or organising a sponsored fun-run. The charity’s volunteering section on their website is a great place to start.


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