Avert is a UK-based charity working at the forefront of HIV and sexual health education.

Avert’s goal is to reduce new HIV infections and improve the lives of people affected by HIV and AIDS. Avert gives people the knowledge, skills and tools they need to make informed choices and take control of their own sexual health.

Avert has been providing accurate and trusted information about HIV and sexual health worldwide for over 30 years. Last year Avert empowered over 13.5 million people through knowledge.

Did you know...

Avert was founded in 1986, in the very early days of the HIV and AIDS epidemic. It was one of the first charities to give people the information they needed about HIV prevention and treatment and challenge HIV-related stigma.

Despite being a small charity, Avert reaches a lot of people - over 13.5 million last year. The award-winning site, Avert.org, is one of the world’s leading online providers of HIV and AIDS information, reaching over 8 million people every year.

Avert uses social media channels to engage and inform. Last year it reached over 5 million people through Facebook alone, and has over 4,000 followers on Twitter.

As well as information for worried individuals, Avert provides essential information to professionals working in HIV and sexual health. Avert.org is a ‘one stop shop’ for accurate, clear and up-to-date information.

Avert.org is accredited by NHS’s Information Standard; it is also an accredited Google News provider.

What makes Avert different

Behaviour change communication is at the heart of what Avert does. The charity knows that if people have access to accurate, engaging and persuasive information they will be able to take control of their sexual health.

Other ways to support

Avert creates campaigns to increase the awareness and understanding of HIV and sexual health, around the world. Knowledge is power and the best way to reduce new infections, tackle stigma and improve the lives of people living with HIV, is to get people talking!

To take a look at past and current campaigns and help Avert get these vital messages about HIV and sexual health out there by sharing them far and wide, click here


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