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  • Reading and an education opens the door to people's potential and future. Yet in sub-Saharan Africa, one person in three can't read, and one child in five still does not get to primary school.
  • Literacy, education and access to information represent a ladder out of poverty and have a direct and measurable impact on improving people's life chances.
  • Book Aid International works in partnership with libraries in Africa to create vibrant spaces that inspire readers and empower communities. The charity sends up to one million carefully selected books to library partners in Africa every year and provides training for librarians so that they can help people learn, further their education and shape their own futures. By signing up to Savoo and selecting Book Aid International as your charity, they will receive free donations every time you shop online.

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Learn more about Book Aid International

Book Aid International works in close partnership with African library services, building on their experience and developing the skills of their staff. The charity responds to the needs of the libraries and only sends new, recently published high-quality books donated by U.K. publishers. Book Aid International has 60 years of experience working with library partners in developing countries and has built up a responsive and dynamic network.

How they support: Providing books to refugees

Since 2017, Book Aid International has been able to support 214,356 refugees and train over 232 refugee teachers. On top of that, they have opened over 90 refugee school libraries since 2018, as well as supported those within 126 refugee camps and settings across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The charity has played an extremely hands-on role in ensuring that books and education are accessible to those who have only been able to travel with the clothes on their back and the few items they were able to carry. Since 2016, the charity has been able to provide almost 40,000 books to refugees within Greek refugee camps, as well as help 25,000 young people in Africa get the quality education they’re entitled to through their ‘Reading for All’ programme.

Ways you can help: Start fundraising

Hosting a fundraiser is such a fun way to raise money for Book Aid International, especially as you can get your friends and your community involved. Whether you decide to hold a book sale, a Bake Off event, or take on a challenge, there are so many creative ways to raise awareness and money for the charity. Book Aid International are even happy to help you out with organising your event, all you need to do is contact them via phone or email to have your questions answered or to workshop some ideas with them.

Other ways you can help: Visit the Book Aid International online shop

Want to help the charity raise money in a really cool way? Why don’t you shop from its online shop? The charity tends to have seasonal items in its shop, so if you’re looking for some Christmas, Easter, or Summer items, this is the best place to buy items from whilst making a positive impact on children around the world.


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