Born Free Foundation is a leading charity that works so that all animals living in captivity or in the wild are treated with compassion and respect and can live a free life according to their needs. They totally oppose exploiting of wild animals in captivity and work to keep them where they belong - the wild.

They also promote “Compassionate Conservation" in order to give threatened species a greater chance of survival in the wild, and protect their natural habitats while taking into account the animals' needs and ensuring their safety.

Examples of their work

Trophy Hunting:

Born Free opposes every form of trophy hunting, and works with policymakers to strengthen the rules of trophy (or sport) hunting as part of their wider goal to reduce and ultimately eliminate it altogether. Born Free also refutes claims that trophy hunters’ activities somehow promote wildlife conservation - they allege that the money generated provides jobs and resources for local communities who will then value and protect wildlife.

Trophy hunting is a big business, where hunters pay for the opportunity to hunt the rarest and most impressive animals. Hunting operations maximise their profits by making more “trophy animals" available - by breeding them in captivity purely for hunting purposes.

Rescue and care:

Every animal counts to the Born Free Foundation, and they do their utmost to rescue vulnerable animals and once fully rehabilitated, release them back into the wild. The charity rescues animals that have been confined to tiny cages, and have been abused or exploited.

Sadly, a lot of the animals have been too damaged by their time in captivity, so they need to stay at Born Free sanctuaries. It’s not all doom and gloom though as they are provided with lifetime care and spacious environments to live out their days. Born Free doesn’t stop there - they also work with international partners on sanctuary projects in order to provide emergency treatment to all wild animals.

Important dates for the calendar

3rd March - World Wildlife Day

17th May - Endangered Species Day

4th October - World Animal Day

How do donations help?

£3 per month provides effective care for a rescued lion

£5 per month could provide enough food and water for a baby orphaned animal

£10 per month will help their anti-poaching team in Kenya tackle poaching

Other ways to show support

Supporters may like to consider adopting an animal for just £3 per month, and help give animals the care and protection they deserve. On top of the invaluable care supporters are enabling, they’ll also receive a gift pack, soft toy and the Adopt! Magazine twice a year. If this sounds of interest, visit their Adoption page on the website.

Another great way to support this charity and win something for yourself at the same time, would be getting involved in their Keep Me Safe Raffle. Entries cost £1 each, and you can win prizes of up to £2000 worth! Visit their Raffle section for more details and info on how to enter.


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