Everyday, five people are killed on Britain’s roads and around 60 more are severely injured.

Brake is a leading road safety awareness charity working to stop serious injuries, and the terrible suffering as a result. When these tragedies occur, they provide essential support for the family and friends to help them in their time of grieving. The charity also works with government bodies to crack down on road pollution from traffic, and also promotes safe and sustainable road use.

In order to achieve their goal, they run campaigns and community education programmed, and the UK’s flagship safety event “Road Safety Week".


Driving for Zero - This is an extremely important campaign to Brake. They campaign for zero tolerance of impaired driving. Reasons for impaired driving are as follows: alcohol & drugs; tiredness; vision and ill-health. One in eight deaths on our roads involve a driver over the alcohol limit and there was a huge increase in drug-driving arrests in 2015.

Modern vehicles - It’s not just injuries and deaths that the charity aims to stop. The charity also places people and our planet at the heart of vehicle modernisation. This campaign calls for:

  • Raising the bar on safety regulations on new vehicles preventing crashes and mitigate their outcomes

  • Increased efforts by governments to encourage and enable drivers to buy and refuel ultra low emission vehicles

  • Incentives for safe and green vehicle purchases

  • Incentives for companies electing to use green vehicles in their fleets

  • Ensuring fair space and segregated routes for people on foot and bicycles, especially when/if automated vehicles are introduced to the UK.

Mobile phones - Any error or loss of concentration when driving can be catastrophic to the driver, pedestrians and animals. As Brake puts it, “no call or message is worth a life".

It has been proven that reaction times are drastically reduced (30%) if someone is using a hands-free phone than if they have 80mg of alcohol per 100ml blood, and almost 50% slower than someone not using a phone.

As such, they are campaigning for:

  • Bans on hands-free phones at the wheel

  • Regulation against the use of in-built car infotainment screens (for DVDs or other entertainment purposes.)

  • Tougher punishment on anyone caught talking, reading or writing at the wheel

Important dates

November 19th - 25th - Road Safety Week

How can supporters help Brake?

Getting active for a charity has many benefits - namely helping the charity keep up its vital work. You can take on domestic challenges like Snowdon by Night - a trek in Wales to see the unforgettable sunset in the Snowdonia National Park. For anyone with a bit more spare time, you can take on one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Over 9 days, join a huge group of people taking on the Great Wall of China, and experience Chinese history and culture first hand. For more information on both of these, take a look at their Trek for Brake page.

Brake also runs a weekly lottery, with prizes up to £25,000! It costs £1 every time you enter and, even though it seems a small amount, you’ll be helping prevent future road deaths and injuries with the added bonus of making winning huge cash prizes at the same time!

And finally… Be safe! Read up on rules and regs in order to further help the environment, and practice safe driving - no call or text is worth a life.


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01484 559909