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Brathay Trust Support

  • Brathay Trust work with young people to help them unlock their potential. Many of them are vulnerable, lacking the confidence to find work or training, managing the transition from living in care to independence and risking exploitation in unhealthy relationships.
  • The charity brings young people together in groups to learn and support each other or provides them with one-to-one support to turn their lives around. This takes place in the community and at residential centres in the Lake District. Residential courses give young people a chance to challenge themselves, reflect on their lives and see themselves in a new light.
  • The charity believes all young people have their own strengths and that self-awareness and taking action are the first steps to transforming lives.

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Learn more about Brathay Trust

Brathay Trust centres its mission on the personal development and well-being of young people. Dedicated to creating positive futures for individuals, the organisation provides a range of programs and initiatives focused on education, employability, and mental health. Brathay Trust strives to empower young people to overcome challenges, build resilience, and fulfil their potential. Through outdoor activities, leadership training, and community engagement, the charity fosters experiential learning and personal growth. By emphasising the importance of skills development and emotional resilience, Brathay Trust stands as a beacon of support for young individuals, helping them navigate life's challenges and build a foundation for a brighter future.

How they support: Community work

Brathay Trust actively supports individuals through community work, aiming to create positive impacts on various aspects of their lives. By engaging in community-based initiatives and projects, the organisation facilitates skill development, promotes employability, and fosters social inclusion among diverse groups. Brathay Trust's community work goes beyond conventional programs, offering experiential learning opportunities and addressing the unique needs of individuals. Through collaborative efforts, the charity strives to enhance the well-being of people by providing a supportive environment for personal growth and social integration.

Ways you can help: Fundraise

If you’re keen on supporting the Brathay Trust, you can make a significant impact through fundraising efforts. By organising events, campaigns, or personal initiatives, you’ll be able to contribute to the charity's mission of empowering young people through education, employability, and mental health programs. Fundraising initiatives provide crucial financial support that allows Brathay Trust to expand its reach and impact more lives. Whether through sponsored challenges, community events, or online campaigns, these efforts help fund experiential learning opportunities, leadership training, and community-based projects.

Other ways you can help: Donate

By contributing financial support, individuals become instrumental in enabling the charity to continue its vital work in personal development, education, and community engagement. Donations to Brathay Trust play a crucial role in funding various programs and initiatives aimed at empowering young people and fostering positive futures. Whether it's a one-time contribution or regular donations, each financial support aids the organisation in creating impactful opportunities for individuals to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.


Brathay Hall
LA22 0HP

Contact Number

01539 439721